“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

The title of this post should really be How to afford to Travel Full Time

I mean it is one thing to have a dream or idea to take off and see the world (Hell who wouldn’t want to do that?!) But it is another thing entirely to actually do it.

Things do cost money. And full time travel does have to be funded somehow doesn’t it?

The amazing thing is that there are many ways to travel and explore the world for free or almost free.

You have to be open minded and creative. You have to be adventurous and daring.

A travel budget is absolutely needed. I am going to have to plan everything and track every penny spent.

I know from my summer in Europe that I can make do with very few possessions. One little carry on backpack that made my travel a whole lot easier. Best decision I made.

Don’t Pay For Accommodations

The sky is the limit when is comes to spending money while traveling. And one of the biggest expenses could be accommodations. But there are ways to stay for free, or close to it.

Here are some ideas for free accommodations when traveling.


There are lots of creative opportunities to work in trade for your accommodation (and sometimes food) and enjoy a more immersive travel experience. Many of the sites that introduce you to these opportunities involve a monthly or yearly subscription, but in my experience it will be well worth it. Here are some resources:

The Caretaker Gazette

Help Exchange

Grow Food

World Help Link


If you know of more Work/Trade organizations please share them in the comments!


I want to be able to stay i a place for an extended period of time. This in itself will help save money. The less actual traveling means less money spent of trains, buses or flights. When other people hit the road to do some traveling of their own, you come into their homes and take care of the property, pets, gardens, etc.

House Carers

Trusted House Sitters

Mind My House

House Sit World

Aussie House Sitters

Hospitality Exchange

If I or you have just a few nights to kill at a given destination? There are hospitality exchanges, where locals who would like to host a traveler can put you up in a spare room or even on their couch. It’s only for a day or two and you should probably help out when needed. A great way to experience the local culture!


Hospitality Club

Global Freeloaders

Travel Slowly

The slower you travel, the less money we will spend on transportation, interim accommodation (for example, between when you land in a new place and begin a house-sitting or volunteer gig), and even set-up expenses like buying groceries/staples or wear-and-tear on personal effects like luggage.

And the slower you travel, the more immersive your experience will be, and the more likely you will be to develop relationships with locals (who may not want to invest the time and effort getting to know somebody who is simply passing through) who can in turn deepen your travel experience and help you learn what life is like around the world.

I know I’ve Missed Some Stuff!

So what experiences do you have? What links do you want to share that help myself and others afford to travel full time.

Any tips, tricks and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Please share your thoughts in the comments and please, please, like this on Facebook and share it through social media!


“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “How To Pay For Full Time Travel

  1. My husband and I have 3 kids. We would love to travel, but for now we are grounded. We would like to make it around the U.S with the kids and perhaps a few of these tips may work for us. We have dabbled in minimalism over the years, and this year we are really going head long into it. We are traveling to Minnesota for Easter and we will be testing out the backpack approach. Another thing is traveling with kids is expensive in general, so this summer we will attempt to travel the states with camping accommodations. We can hike and site see during the day, and find a place to pop a tent for the evening. We will see. Things change when you have 3 kids, but we want to teach them there is more to life than things, and traveling is part of that.

    1. Having children as part of the mix certainly makes things more interesting when it comes to travel. I wouldn’t look at it as a hindrance though. Surely others have done it and I just think it provides them with so much life experience. It shows them that you are adventurous and they will carry that with them.

      I applaud you in your efforts. Let us all know how you make out with your travel plans.

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. I think once the lil one is a tad older, we will travel more. She is turning 2 next month, so safety is more of a factor for us. Once we don’t have to worry about her natural curiosity putting her in danger I think we will take every chance we can get to travel. Thank you so much for the tips. I plan to use them as we raise our girls, and later in life when it’s just the hubby and I šŸ™‚

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