You Can Achieve Anything You Want

When you think a positive thought, and you take a positive action, you’ll get a valuable result

Thoughts can often seem easy, light, and inconsequential. After all, on its own a mere thought doesn’t have the power to do anything.

However, you most certainly have the power to do many things. Anything really. And your thoughts are what determine and direct the actions you take.

Maybe you want to start a business. Or improve your life or relationships. Maybe you want to start a healthy new habit. Whatever you want to achieve you can do it. Think it, see it, believe it, do it.

I am going to sell everything and travel. I will work and volunteer along the way. I will house sit or stay with friends. I see this happening. I believe it and I know it will happen.

It is a lifestyle design plan that is in its infancy right now but all dreams have to start somewhere.

If you continually focus your thoughts on the things you don’t want, those things will surely find their way into your life.

By the same measure, focusing your thoughts on your most positive possibilities enables you to make those possibilities real.

When life brings you disappointment after disappointment, it’s easy to make all your thoughts negative ones. Yet it is just as easy, and far more empowering, to respond with positive thinking.

I am still trying to finalize my divorce. It has been four years and at times I feel like pulling my hair out. But it is just a situation that has to be dealt with. And it will be done. Soon. I promise.

If you had the power to change your life for the better, would you use that power?

Well you do indeed have that power, and it is in the thoughts you choose to think.

So choose positive thoughts and you will get the positive results you are deserving of.

“Live Simply”


One thought on “You Are Awesome And Anything Is Possible

  1. I feel for you. I too had a very long divorce quite a few years ago. It was draining and stressful. Somehow I survived and here I am. Since then life has had other curves but also some wonderful blessings in disguise. Wishing you the best. Hang in there.

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