Hi. My Name Is Mark and I am a sugar addict.

It all started when I was young. I loved sweets. I spent a lot of time with both grandmothers who were amazing bakers. Pies, cakes, cookies.

Ah yes. The love of grandmothers. “Go ahead dear, have a few cookies.”

I was hooked. I needed more and more sugar to appease the cravings. I couldn’t get enough, man.

And the sugar addiction devil has held me in its grasp to this day. It is nothing for me to scarf down 10 cookies at one time. Ice cream. Ha! Two liters is nothing. Bring it.

Let’s not kid ourselves. I believe that one can become addicted to sugar. You get that “high”, then you fall flat and need more and more to satisfy the sugar cravings.

Of course the sugar lobbyists would have has believe that this is just not true.

I call bullshit.

Anyway I have known that I have a sugar addiction for quite some time but have never owned up to it.

I have the puffy face, and what I call the “sugar belly”. I hold my weight in my spare tire around my middle.

  • Weight gain from eating more fattening food to get your sugar-fix.
  • High triglycerides, increasing your risk of heart disease.
  • Tooth decay from excessive bacterial growth.
  • Metabolic syndrome, leading to diabetes.
  • Poor nutrition from empty calories.
  • Lack of immunity to disease.
  • Periods of depression.

I am a walking poster child for sugar addiction.

So I have to start paying attention to the amount of sugar in everything that goes into my mouth.

If it comes in a package it is probably off limits. Vegetables and lean protein is the order of the day. Fiber and healthy fats to help feel full.

I know I sound like a broken record with this stuff but again I am hoping that writing it down will help me to deal with it and make lasting lifestyle changes.

The only way to break the sugar addiction cycle is to stop feeding the fire.

I have no problem working out and staying active and I have always enjoyed healthy eating. I have just also always sabotaged these healthy lifestyle habits by always giving in to the sugar addiction.

So off I go to have an egg white omelet with vegetables, a few almonds and olive oil.

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“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Sugar Addict

  1. I know how you feel. I had chucks of time last year where I committed to no sugar. The whole month of July and then again after Thanksgiving till Christmas Day. I felt so free of my sugar ups and downs and about mid January kicked into this mad mode. I was mad that I wasn’t reaching my health goals…all because of sugar. Since that time I have committed myself to no more candy and desserts. Period. I tell you, something inside of me kicked over and I am now reaching for veges and fruit and feeling totally satisfied. I went through all my years of recipes and dumped anything dessert. I want to live and breathe the life I envision and by golly…I’m doing it!

    I know everyone can’t be like this, but for me it works. I don’t self imposed restrictions on anyone else around me, I just don’t partake and don’t provide the sugared items.

    1. Good for you. I too have done this before. But I don’t stay with anything long enough. Start and stop that’s my way of doing things.

      Don’t have the stuff around. Easier said than done sometimes. My 14 year old son wants to eat and he is fit and active and turns up his nose if he has to eat healthy ALL the time.

  2. I’m taking my sugar retreat in slow stages. I’ve eliminated the most obvious…candy, cookies, etc…but I still have one Greek yogurt each day and that usually satisfies my sugar craving. Of course I’m not perfect and there are ups and downs. Plus I’m an emotional eater so that’s difficult when I’m stressed at work and that giant Snickers bar in the vending machine is calling my name…..

  3. I’ve been keeping an eye on sugar intake as well. I completely cut prepared foods from my diet (not including stuff like veggie burgers) and that helped immensely. Normally I put two sugar packets in my coffee each morning and I usually have two to three cups of coffee each morning. Thats six packets. Given, its raw sugar, so its marginally better than the white stuff, but still. I’ve noticed cutting sugar actually makes a lot of food taste BETTER (though I still need a bit of agave nectar or honey on my cereal in the morning)

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