It can sometimes be difficult to just enjoy each day for what it is.

Another amazing day in your life.

So full of opportunities.

It is easy to get bogged down with all the stuff that we sometimes have going on.

Running the kids around, getting groceries, paying bills, car appointments, etc, etc, etc.

So how can we slow down and just focus on enjoying each day?

This is going to sound kind of simple.

I love to use a calender.

Find a calender with images that inspire and motivate you. I got an amazing calender at the dollar store with photos of incredible beaches and travel destinations.

amazing beach photo

What I do to help focus on each day is just look at today and cross off all past days. They are gone. Over. Done.

I personally do also have a countdown in reverse chronology(60, 59, 58,…) on my calender to help me see a goal day in mind. I am following a specific workout plan and want to be able to keep my “eye on the prize.”

This helps me to be reminded of what needs to be done TODAY.

And it doesn’t have to be for working out. How many times has a particular deadline seemed to just appear?

I know people that are planning for a wedding think they have months and months to get ready, but before you know it there are only a few weeks left before the big day.

Use a countdown calender and cross off the days as they go.

I mean, today is all we have. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn’t here yet. So I just want to focus on today and get as much out if it as possible. I want to achieve something today.

So that’s it. Kind of simple right? Maybe you have other ways to help you focus on each day and get as much out of it as possible.

If so please share your tips in the comments.

And maybe you will find that crossing off days on a calender and/or having a calender countdown will help you stay focused on the day and a date that is approaching.

Let me know what you think and please share this post with the world:)

BONUS TIP TO ENJOY EACH DAY: Listen to music that moves you. Just drink it in! I love all music and almost must have it going. You get to dance around and sing along! How amazing is that?!

“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Focus On Enjoying Each Day

  1. I just read your article on deleting Facebook, after a short discussion with hubby, we both agreed it was time to say buh-bye to Facebook. One more way to enjoy more of everyday.

    1. Hi Tiff,

      Wow I didn’t even think of that. And you know what? In the days since deleting Facebook I think my life has improved. Yes I have been eating better and working out every day. But not wasting my time on that useless site has certainly helped.

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. Such a simple concept yet so hard to grasp! I have been spending more time in the moment than I did last year. More present. You would think that would be such an easy concept.

    1. I know. We are bombarded by thousands of thoughts and images and advertisements every day which make it harder to concentrate and live in the moment. Finding solitude in nature perhaps with a book or music would be a way to do it??

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