Well the price of gas here in Nova Scotia(and the rest of Canada) Are going through the roof.

Here in N.S. gas prices are regulated through the government. Every Friday the price of gas is determined through some sort of formula.

Even though there are ample crude oil supplies AND the price of a barrel of oil is down compared to last year at this time, the price of gas at the pump keeps going up. It is now at 1.43$ per liter and on Friday it will be going up again. Probably to 1.45 to 1.47 per liter for regular self serve.

At what a lot of Nova Scotians probably missed is that refineries are now required to put ethanol in fuel. 10% in regular, 5% in the mid grade gas and nothing in the high grade gas. This makes the cost of refining cheaper! And ethanol reduces fuel economy! So you uses MORE gas!

That equates to about 5.41$ per U.S. gallon. How would people in the U.S. feel about that?

Last year at this time the price of gas was about 1.25$ per liter.

A HUGE portion is taxes. Our provincial government is raking in millions in extra revenue every week.

So the question is: What would gas prices have to be for you to change your habits?

$4.50 per gallon?
$5.00 per gallon?
6 or 7 dollars per gallon?

I suspect that gas prices will continue to rise here throughout the summer(peak driving months) and we will see $1.70 to 1.80 for a liter of self serve.

I drive a fairly economical car. A Honda Civic. I can’t image a truck, van or SUV.

I do bike to work which is only a few kilometers away, but not everyone can do that.

The price of stuff keeps going up. Wages don’t keep pace so maybe we really have to start looking at simplifying our lifestyles. Every dollar counts.

Now more than ever.

Your thoughts? Do you follow gas prices where you live?

“Live Simply”


11 thoughts on “Gas Prices.

  1. If gas were $5.41 here in the US people would be freaking out. There would probably be riots. I’m sick of hearing the uproar now and it’s less than $4/gallon.

    I too drive a Civic and since I live close to work and don’t drive too much comparatively, a tank of gas lasts me at least two weeks. I have commuted by bike once, but I’m hoping to make it a more regular thing once the weather warms up a little bit more.

    I’m not sure how high it would have to be to make me permanently change my habits though.

    1. Canadians are the same way. They are being interviewed for the news WHILE AT THE GAS STATION!! And complaining. How about walk, bike, carpool, or don’t drive. Comical really. As a species we really are not that smart sometimes.

  2. In Italy we are now at 1.9 euro per liter, it means around 2.5 USD per liter. If my calculations are correct that makes around 9.45 US dollars per gallon. More than 50% are taxes (they have been increased recently more than once to try and save our country from bankruptcy).
    People are using cars less and less, and you can see more bicycles around even in not-bicycle-friendly cities like Rome (where I live). The car market (important for Italy as we have a few car making industries) is 27% down compared to last year. So people are losing their job. Great uh?
    BTW I have a LPG powered car and I still use it to commute, even if LPG too increased a bit it’s still much cheaper than gas.

    1. Yes i am certainly aware of the much higher fuel prices in many parts of europe/ And I am sorry to here of the recent credit problems that your country and others are experiencing. I was in Rome a few summers ago and believe me, I noticed the smaller cars and thousands of scooters.

      Here in North America everyone drives big trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles that use a lot of fuel. Certainly smaller cars are common, but not like in Europe. And we have very few diesel cars compared to Europe as well.

      Thanks so much for commenting. And take care!


  3. I started complaining when the gas prices hit $3.50! My van was a major gas pig and It was costing me $100 every week. I couldn’t afford the gas plus the activities I was driving to. We have now switched to what I lovingly call the clown car. It’s a little dodge caliber, but my family of 5 fits fairly comfortable. I have several friends that love their huge vehicles and complain like crazy the amount their car is costing them.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think the gas prices are going to decrease much anywhere. I am noticing here in America, people are buying smaller vehicles. I quit trying to wonder how high the prices can go and just quit complaining. It wasn’t doing me any good. Now, I don’t mind the price as much. I obviously love to save money as much as the next guy, but putting $35 in the tank to fill it up and have it last a week or more doesn’t bother me.

    1. He he. 35$ to fill it! My little Honda Civic costs about 60$ to fill now. And our dollar is at par with the American dollar.

      Notice the comment from Rome. Gas there is now about 9.40$ PER GALLON. Would Americans be freaking out at that price??

      That is a rhetorical question of course.

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. LOL! I love my country, but there are times the people here are giant whiners (me included). 😉

  4. Wow, I couldn’t imagine over $5 a gallon! Right now in Maryland I pay $3.85 for regular. It actually has gone down the last week from $3.93. I thought it would steadily rise throughout the summer, but I’m really hoping it will keep going down (although I doubt it). I have been trying to change my driving habits to safe on gas, but driving is actually one of my favorite things to do, so I always find myself taking the long way. Canada needs to do something about the price up their! At least you’re able to ride your bike to work.

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