How dare we complain that we do not have enough.

How dare we complain that Life is too hectic, too busy, that we do not have enough time.

How dare we even think that our life is too hard.

How dare we suggest that there is not enough money to pay for all the useless crap that we continue to fill our over sized houses with when the average world income is 7000.00 dollars and in many part of the world it is much, much less than that.

A person earning in the bottom one tenth in North America still makes more than two thirds of the world.

How dare we complain that our internet is too slow or that there is nothing to watch on our 40 inch flat screen television, while paying 100.00 per month for this service.

How dare we pass by the person on the sidewalk who needs a few dollars to buy some food while on our way to buy a 4$ mocha latte at Starbucks.

How dare we even give a flying fuck who will be president or prime minister of anything. What will really change?

How dare we even complain about the price of gas whilst driving huge gas guzzling vehicles and SUV’s. Gas at 4.00$ a gallon is a BARGAIN compared to the 9.40$ per gallon in parts of Europe right now.

How dare we waste time on Facebook and social media and then complain when they “invade our privacy”..

How dare we complain about the price of groceries while missing the point that we have unlimited access to food.

How dare we complain about the salaries of sports figures while watching the sport.

How dare we think we are better or more right than anyone else in the world. Their societies have been around far longer than ours. Maybe they are right.

How dare I complain about my job. I HAVE A JOB!!!

How dare we complain about the rising cost of electricity while not curbing our insatiable “need” for energy.

How dare we complain about children being spoiled and having no respect while continuing to buy them cell phones and laptops and iPads and not getting them to do anything to actually earn the privilege of having these items.

How dare we complain about the raping of the environment when it is us in the western world that are the ones that are contributing the most to global warming as we continue to drive and over consume.

How dare we indeed.

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6 thoughts on “How Dare We

  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    I was complaining about my iPhone 3G speed today when I was out of range of WiFi. You’re right – I’m lucky to even HAVE a phone. And three meals a day.

    Thanks for putting things back in perspective…

  2. I just finished reading, “The Hunger Games”, by Suzanne Collins. I decided I wanted to read the book before I went and saw the movie. As I sat there pondering over all of the ways that people lived in the districts the same thoughts came to mind as yours. We truly are the causes of all of our stupid problems.

  3. Thanks Mark, such a wonderful reminder for us all. I have a mobile that doesn’t contain a camera or internet, and I still manage. In fact I probably have more time than others who do have all these things. While they are busy on social networking sites or occupied with constantly checking their phones, I am able to get on with things. Maybe read a book, meet my family and friends or just take time out and contemplate life. Technology can be useful but also a hinderance to our lifestyle.

    1. Thank you Cairo Backpacker for your comment. This is exactly what I have been thinking about recently, especially as a college student with so many friends who have smartphones, iPads, and spend excessive amounts of time on facebook. I wish more people understood what you and Mark have said.

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