It amazes me how little a lot of people in the world have in the way of material possessions.

And they are probably happier than a lot of us here in the western world.

We are conditioned to believe we need all this stuff. The cell phones, and iPads and new cars and bigger houses.

We don’t need any of it. Keep your money in your pocket.

There is much research that says happiness levels do not go up with the acquisition of material things or with making more money.

Happiness comes from within.

One of the most disabling assumptions is the assumption of need. Consider that much of what you assume you need, you really don’t.

Remember, just because everyone else has some particular thing, does not mean you need it too. Just because someone says you need something, doesn’t mean you really need it.

If you’re being held back by the need to satisfy your needs, stop and ask yourself a key question about each one.

Do you really need it?

Life can be difficult, and yet there’s no sense in adding to the burden. Instead of assuming more and more needs, choose to question those needs.

Live more by intention, and less by reaction. Put your time and effort into those things that create real fulfillment for your life, rather than into needless needs.

Choose your own priorities, based on what’s most important to you. Let go of the need to need so much, and free yourself to live life at its authentic best.

Please comment and share your thoughts.

“Live Simply”


14 thoughts on “You Don’t Need It

  1. It is a very challenging thing to let go of the things that we want and what society tells us we should have. I have been focusing on minimalism and simple living for well over a year. Good luck on your journey!

      1. Minimalism is the road less traveled. It is easier for people to fall into line in the consumerist mindset our culture has created. It is far easier to be jealous of others and compare ourselves than it is to be satisfied. Throughout human history most people have always wanted more. Minimalism is a fight against what seems to be natural for most.

  2. It’s so hard to internalize this! I feel like I can come up with some justification for practically any purchase. Yes, I “need” a new laptop even though this one works fine, because I want to learn how to develop apps for my job, and I need a newer laptop to do that. Do I really need it? Nope. Do I need my job? Yes. Do I need the laptop to keep the job…probably not but it’ll help.

  3. Our family has been working very hard the last few weeks to really get rid of a lot of material posessions. I have donated, sold and thrown away nearly 200 bags of stuff. I am starting to think stuff is like socks. Leave it unattended and it multiplies. We are closer to our goal, but still not where we want to be. We have a long ways to go. I hope that we can complete the task while we are unpacking from our move. I found since we got rid of our tv’s (except one) that we stopped watching it so much. We spend more time as a family, and actually being happy. I also noticed when the tv is on a bit more that our moods are instable, were antsy, and our want for material things expand. Without the tv I don’t even think of shopping. I think that has a lot to do with it.

    1. 200 bags of stuff! Good grief.That is amazing so good for you. You should come here and do my place next!!

      You are so right about the TV. it is such a distraction and time waster. i love it when the Tv is off and it is just quiet here.

      Way to go!

  4. I’ve been decluttering our home off and on for years. Lately, clutter has really gotten on my nerves, and I’ve downsized clothing, furniture, and other “junk” from our house. The more that goes out the door, the more free I feel. It’s so much easier to clean and maintain a home that is not packed full of stuff you rarely or never use. My daughter calls me an “anti-hoarder.” ha ha

    1. The “anti-hoarder”. I love it! Yes I will admit that I do the same thing. I have a small apartment so not too much can be here but there is still stuff that needs to be purged! Good for you for realizing that having LESS stuff is more freeing. Thanks for commenting.

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