For parents to read to their kids.

Hello boys and girls. My name is Meisha. Here is a picture of me.

Mark asked me to talk with you today about what he calls living a minimalist lifestyle.

Now I don’t know too much about that stuff because it seems kind of grown up and serious.

But I think it has something to do with just keeping things simple and having fun.

Kind of just enjoying the stuff you already have.

I know sometimes I see new toys on the television and I think I want them.

But after a few minutes I realize that I already have some favorite toys right here with me.

My favorite toy of all is my blue ballie. I LOVE to play fetch with it. It is so much fun. Talking about it with you makes me want to play with it right now!

I also like to sit quietly and look out the window. Really I am looking for kitties that come in the yard and I bark so they go away!

Going for walks and drives with Mark and Tammy are really fun too.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that you don’t need all kinds of stuff. Just have some favorite things And be happy to spend time with your family and play games with your friends.

Life is really kind of cool when we keep it simple. I think your moms and dads will like spending time with you too and playing and going for walks.

So sometimes your parents may so no when you want a new toy or something. It’s okay. Just love the stuff you already have.

If any boys and girls want to say hi I would LOVE to hear from you.

Now can we play fetch??

Yes Meisha we can.

Please share this post with social media. Thanks and have an awesome day.

“Live Simply”


16 thoughts on “Minimalist Meisha

  1. Awesome this post says it all in a language that anyone can understand! Thank you. I am having to downsize to move to NYC and it’s a real eye=opener. If I were moving anywhere else, I have a dog in a New York Minute to remind me about the important things.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who observes nature and notices that most creatures are in fact minimalist.

    Hey I have an idea for a post. My kids are regular church attenders and their youth minister taught a lesson on “You can’t take it with you”. He even had a picture of a hearse with a Uhaul behind it! This guy is great and constantly takes the kids to cities and countries where people have nothing. I have hope in this next generation. These kids really really get it.

  3. Brilliant! And so true, my dog has a bunch of toys but she really only has two that she really likes to play with – they know what they like and they know how to keep things simple 🙂

  4. DYI dog-photos with a bad flash are a turn-off for me. I follow your blog, but do your readers a favour and turn off the flash, and use some natural lighting instead. It’ll make your dogs look much nicer.

    There’s something decidedly creepy about up-close, poorly lit pet photos. Add the “Hello boys and girls” and it’s 100% creepy.

  5. I know you said to read this to our kids, but I think you hit it right on the nail. If anyone were to ask me what a minimalist lifestyle looked like I would tell them to read this. Well done.

  6. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Although this is relatively new for me, I love blogging and reading the blogs of others and the sharing of what are sometimes very personal thoughts. The type of communication that’s experienced in the blogosphere, and between so many people, makes me feel how truly connected we all are on a higher level. I also know that when someone begins blogging, it’s not to win awards but to share with others. And sometimes it’s therapy for our self. That being said, I find your blog interesting and inspiring and I want to thank you for your contribution. If you choose to accept the award, you’ll find the “instructions” linked here:

    Love and Light, Rev. Dani Lynn

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