Living a minimalist lifestyle should be about more than just focusing on how many shirts you have or how much clutter is kicking around during your place.

I know I get caught up in that aspect of minimalist living as much as the next person.

But I also do think that minimalism is about more than that.

If we truly want to be living our best life from a minimalist perspective perhaps we need to examine every aspect of our lives.

This would include things like

  • the personal care products we use
  • what we eat
  • what we wear
  • what we buy and where and how it’s made

The area of personal care and grooming products is an interesting one. I have long known that commercial anti-perspirant contains aluminum. This has been linked to alzheimer’s for one.

Most personal care products contain parabens which are linked to hormone disruption and a myriad of other problems.

And even the so called “eco friendly” versions of certain products are not really eco friendly. They still contain suspect ingredients.

Garnier’s PureClean line for one.

It still has a bunch of bad chemicals in it!

And stuff from the Body Shop is not much better.

Look I know it is easier to just buy what is on sale. I do it. But I really want to make a change.


I need to make a change.

So I am going to start looking at certified organic products for my personal care.

Hell I may even make my own coconut oil, olive oil and sugar scrub. Throw in some strawberries and bananas and it sounds pretty good. It has to be better than the chemistry list of crap that I am buying now.

The other thing that I have to do is a fast. I need to detox this diseased body of mine. All of these chemicals from my food, personal care products and the environment are taking a toll.

I have done a 14 day water fast before and it was amazing. Very spiritual and cleansing.

Does anyone out there feel the same way? Please tell me I am not alone in this!

Any tips and suggestions to help those of us who want to take our minimalist lifestyle to the next level?

I just want to do the right thing for me and my own minimalist life.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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Thanks and have an awesome day.

“Live simply”


34 thoughts on “Minimalist Living Should Be About More Than Stuff

  1. I have been vegan for twenty year and as such tend to read every label and think about what is in things or how they are made. I am thin so tend not to fast as cannot lose weight heathily but have done the odd day

  2. Our family is trying to convert to an all organic diet and reduce chemicals used in our household. We have cut way down on household cleaning products, as I make most of my own. Also, after my dad’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, I started using organic coconut oil in so many things – foods, personal care products, etc. I even make my own deodorant, using baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil. (It is a work in progress…one batch turned out great, another a little crumbly). Good luck!

  3. Crystals are a great replacement for deodorant. I’ve been using them for years. One “rock” can last for years. When I went to the States last year, I found a couple in a certain pharmacy. Before that I got my crystals from a health food store, but this time they no longer carried them. Best of luck with all your efforts. Striving to live with greater simplicity and integrity is so exciting and so much fun.

  4. I recommend Nature’s Gate toothpaste and shampoo. If you really want to scare yourself, Google the chemicals in processed foods and their MSDS. I work in a BSL2 research lab and we use some chemicals found in beauty products in food (for immunological research) and the containers all read: CARCINOGEN, yet they put it in our shampoos and don’t label it as such!

  5. It’s frustrating when talking to people about changing over from the regular drugstore cleaners or body products. They usually shrug their shoulders and say that they like to save money.

    1. Money will never buy happiness or health. Choices do that. Considering our every decision is difficult when bombarded with choice but we have the ability to think for ourselves so we should!

      1. I think that people don’t realize they have many choices beyond say Colgate or Crest. They aren’t thinking olive oil or baking soda too. We need to open our minds to more possibilities,

      2. That’s part of the power of the Internet. Sharing that information and making it readily available to those who want to know more.

  6. My grandmother used to say, if it tastes good, spit it out. While there are days that I find that more funny than practical, there are other days when I realize that if it’s tasty then it’s probably been so processed that we shouldn’t be eating it.

    1. This is true if you’re used to junk food and fast food but tastes change. And when you eat good whole food, the junk will be what you want to spit out of your mouth!

  7. one product I love is Dr. Bronners Sal Suds. You can use it for everything! washing dishes, clothes, hair, – you can brush your teeth with it (not that it would taste very good though). One product for so many uses. I use it for dishes and hand washing this way I know that any soap left on my skin or my dishes is safe and not full of toxic chemicals!

  8. Well said. Two products everyone should have in their house: lots of baking soda and vinegar (cider and white). Handy for numerous things: Shampoo, rinse, toothpaste, sunburn soother, household cleaners, odor absorbers, pot scrubber, and the list goes on. Clean. Natural. Cheap.

  9. I have weeds growing in between the pavers on my patio. If it stops raining, I will spray vinegar on them, instead of the over the counter chemicals. I am hoping it works!

    I’m a minimalist wanna be. I believe it is right, it is just hard changing.

    Keep up the good work. I like your blog because reading it keeps me focused.
    Thank you!

    1. Here’s a good weed killer. The only snag is that it is most effective in sunny areas on a hot sunny day.
      4 c. white vinegar
      1/4 c. salt
      2 tsp. liquid dish soap
      Mix and spray it liberally on your weeds (be careful because it will kill grass too!) Once the sun bakes the sprayed plants, they will turn brown and die. Tough ones might require a second dousing.
      Works quite well, but not quite like Round-up :-).
      PS. I don’t know if you really need the soap, because I think the salt and vinegar might just do the trick. Haven’t experimented with it yet.

      1. Yes, that does work. To do the boiling water bit over a larger area is a lot of boiled water! I did the vinegar thing once, but it rained that night and the weeds recovered. I am going to do it again tomorrow. It is supposed to be a clear day.

  10. Hi! Great topic and one that is near to my heart. I’m currently studying to become a Nutritional Consultant after being diagnosed with severe candida last year and trying to help my father out who has advance type 2 diabetes + neuropathy (so sad how lifestyle catches up to you). Anyways, regarding the change over to organic…do it gradually. When you run out of Colgate, buy a tube of the natural stuff. When you run out of lysterine, pick up a bottle of Tom’s. When you’re Life Brand cereal runs out, buy some minute oats/raisins/agave/seeds/nuts whatever and make your own heavenly cereal. I think you get the point. Best of luck! The transition can be difficult and even challenging some days (I found it was hardest to break rituals such as Friday night is pizza night) or habits (buying the same shampoo brand for 15 years because mom did) but eventually, you re-train yourself and the new ways become old habits before you even know it! Keep us posted on your progress!

  11. I haven’t gone organic but…..I’ve stopped buying junk food and processed food and cook my meals from whole foods and bake my goodies and the less ingredients in a product the better, i.e., olive oil. Also I would rather eat real butter than margarine of any kind. Real food is the way to go! 🙂

  12. I’m amazed at the common mindsets of all of us between minimalism, health, personal care products, finance, self improvement. Being minimalistic happened to me last, First it was government propaganda and lies, natural health and the FDA corruption. then The fraudulent banking cartels. It seems to be all interwoven, Challenge one belief and you start questioning them all. like Neo taking the red pill. Great article!

  13. The antiperspirant/deodorant thing really bugs me! I know it’s bad for me yet after so many years of using it I am finding it difficult to quit – I am wondering what a good alternative would be because I don’t think I should just stop using it out right, I work in an office and I don’t think my coworkers would appreciate it if I didn’t replace that with some sort of alternative to do the job it’s doing. On the other hand I have found an excellent shampoo that is natural and now my hair actually feels like hair again, it’s amazing the difference it makes when you aren’t constantly adding more wax and build up to things! I am also trying to buy things that will last longer and be more durable so I don’t have to replace them as often – that’s eco-friendly and wallet friendly!

    1. I started using those rock-based deodorants ( a few years ago and never went back to the regular kind. If you store them upside down, they last longer as the rock doesn’t erode at the base. They last me about a year.

      1. Very interesting! I tried one many years that was literally just a hunk of crystal so it was very awkward to use and eventually I just stopped because who wants to wave a literal rock under their arm (I am sure some people – but not me, plus it was a little uncomfortable!) but this looks much more practical – I will check this out, thanks 🙂

  14. I’m currently doing a liver cleanse that my naturopath prescribed me. You could look into that, they are natural tablets I take twice a day & I’m starting to see a positive result on my skin!

  15. There are so many things we buy that we can make out of less toxic ingredients…or find alternatives. I agree with pursuing thoughtful consumer activity across the board, but it can be demanding to live an incredibly principled consumer life. Have you heard of the Life Cycle Assessment idea? It’s a good way to think about tracing actions to the source, their environmental impact, etc.

  16. An aspect of minimalist lifestyle that I am becoming more aware of is where I spend my money. For those things that I have to purchase, I want to know this: Who and what exactly are my dollars supporting? Is it a local company that is part of my community or some mega-retailer who has no investment in the community and environment where I live. Am I supporting my farmer friend Carl, or Con-Agra? Is my food being grown under 50 miles away, as is all the produce and products at my local farmer’s market, or is it being shipped across the country, or even from across the state. Even with organic products, I’d rather buy my soap from Michelle, who raises goats and makes goats’ milk soap and cheese in the next county, than buy a bar of Tom’s made and shipped from several states away. Michelle has as much interest in clean air and water, and reducing urban sprawl where I live, because she lives here too, and her livelihood depends on the environment right here. When I buy her cheese and soap, my money is staying invested where I live, and is supporting someone who is working to make the world a smaller, purer, and more connected place.

  17. Also: don’t be discouraged if you try something and it doesn’t work. Start with small steps. First things first. My husband has a garden so we buy fewer vegetables. Our house uses solar power. We recycle and compost our waste when possible. It’s a process that takes effort, but don’t get discouraged.

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