What Is The Single Most Important Thing You Can To Improve Your Health?

You can certainly make a list of things that we could and should be doing that will improve our health and well being.

But there is one thing that you can start doing that is perhaps the single most important thing to improve your overall health.

And it is wonderfully minimalist.

There is absolutely no excuse for not following the advice put forth in the video.

It is by Dr. Mike Evans.

And can I just say I love these whiteboard type videos? Very cool!

So what do you think of this?

30 minutes. That’s it. We waste so much time watching television and online.

Hey, watch your favorite show. That’s fine. But maybe do some push ups or jump rope or something.

Do not for one second say that you don’t have the time. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Problem solved.

Please share the video with everyone.

And please share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks and have and awesome day.

“Live simply”


9 thoughts on “Do You Have 30 Minutes?

  1. Mark, thank you so much for this great post! I’ve always had a bit of a screen addiction problem, though I’ve almost always also been more active than a lot of people I know. Still, I find my general well being goes down the less time I spend sitting around watching YouTube & etc.

  2. Excellent post and video. I am a firm believer in preventative health care and exercise. With determination and discipline, it takes so little to achieve so much……thanks for sharing this….Kim

  3. Fantastic! Im always being asked what I do with my time. I dont have internet at home, we do not own a TV, I dont like watching movies or playing video games. Most people seem to think that I must go home and stare at four walls πŸ™‚
    Instead I am out running, hiking, biking, walking and gardening!

  4. Another great post – and very true! I find I feel a lot better when I walk more so I’ve been very pleased with the nicer weather we’ve been having but even in the winter I’ve been walking a block and a half to my bus stop in the morning and two blocks from the bus depot to my office, and after work I will often walk an extra 4 or more blocks from my office to a bus stop that is further down to get extra exercise, or if I am feeling extra ambitious I’ll do the entire half hour walk home πŸ™‚ plus the dog goes for walks too! It’s easy to fit extra fitness in if you make a point of it, and this way I don’t have to pay for parking downtown – which is brutal πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m not sure you are accepting awards but I wanted you to know your blog is greatly appreciated anyway, so I’m giving you The Reader Appreciation Award. πŸ™‚

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