Clutter creep has reared its ugly head in my life.

My car is out of control with he stuff that is in it and the apartment is not much better.

So today will be spent on getting rid of unwanted and unneeded items.

I have car speakers that are no longer used. Gone. The old laptop just taking up space. Good bye. Clothes that need to go. Time for a clean sweep.

I am on the path to getting my life in order and on track. I am going to write the children’s book that has been in my head for a while now.

The resume is getting updated so that I can start applying for jobs that come up. I keep getting asked to take on more responsibility at work, which is fine, but of course there is no increase in pay to go with the added work. Well from now on if they want more, they have to pay more. I know that won’t happen so it’s time to look out for number one.

Anyway I digress.

Being more organized and having less clutter and less stuff in general helps me to feel more optimistic about life. It is more freeing. There is more time to do stuff I actually want to do.

Plus my apartment is not large so of course it just makes sense to not have too much stuff kicking around.

It may be time to empty the apartment out completely and go through each item to assess what should stay and what should go.

If you have any decluttering to do and get overwhelmed about the thought of getting started don’t worry. A lot of people feel the same way.

You can just try doing some decluttering for 10 or 15 minutes. Just do one area. The kitchen table or counters. There that’s better!

Or if you are feeling ambitious, clear a day or two. Get some boxes and bags. Put some music on. Get excited! This is it baby! You are going to be ruthless in your purging.

Whatever approach to decluttering you decide to use is the right one.

Just go for it.

So this is the plan for the day and going forward.

What do you have planned for the day?

Do you have any projects that you are going to undertake to help facilitate living a more minimalist lifestyle?

Share your thoughts.

20 thoughts on “Declutter Now!

  1. How to deal with paper clutter is a perpetual battle for me. Each week, I recycle a garbage bag full of paper products, junk mail, etc., but it keeps piling up. And every time I go through my man-cave/office to declutter, I don’t get rid of enough things. I can’t part with my books!

    1. I felt the same way about my books, but ended up with a large pile of unread books that I collected for a rainy day. I have finally started to read the books on the shelf, I have decided not to go to the library until I have read a good number of the books on hand. As each one is read it goes in a pile and is taken to a book exchange and traded in. This downsizes the books and minimizes the pain by getting a couple of new ones, but always thinning them out. I now only keep self help and do it yourself books that I will actually use. Plus a few books that I find that I re-read.

  2. I went through a similar process. I would tell myself I would just clean out this one cabinet, or work until I had this box filled. Pretty soon the process of seeing the clean and uncluttered spaces would motivate m e to keep going. Still it took me 6 months before I felt like I had gotten rid of everything I no longer needed. The process doesn’t stop though, even after moving and living with less, I found I had held on to more than I needed and decluttered again. As for today, I am taking time to tidy up a few neglected areas.

  3. I took up decluttering one object a day at home and one item a week at the office. It’s made a huge difference, but the bigger challenge was to start keeping track of how many items come into my home. I actually do keep a list of both outs and ins. The effort of keeping the list gives me incentive not to buy more stuff. Good luck with your decluttering!

  4. Like you I also feel so much better about life when I’m not surrounded by clutter. This in itself has been my main motivation to stay clutter free.
    I’m just about at the stage with my stuff where I have just enough, however I’m aware that this could easily slip into more than enough so to keep the balance I also try to get rid of one thing a day.

    Good luck with your fight against the clutter creep šŸ™‚

  5. Seems like such a waste of money and energy. Collecting unneeded clutter, then spending precious time uncluttering. Why not stop buying stuff that you don’t need? 100 items rule. Spend “extra” money helping others instead.

  6. Funny how crisis (in my case, unexpected plumbing costs) can precipitate change. I’ve gotten rid of a LOT of clutter simply by going through areas of the house I don’t normally touch. And I don’t miss any of it. Great post.

  7. Go man go! I always had the built in de-clutter that I seemed to move at least once a year every year since I was 18 (which wasn’t a lot of fun to be honest since I’m now 31 – I’m sort of sick of moving!) but I just signed another year lease on our apartment so I told the bf that since we aren’t moving that I am going to go through all of my stuff and see what I don’t want and need and get rid of it and I can help him do the same just so we don’t build up any excess stuff. He seemed very interested as he was in his last place for 6 years and he really noticed how much stuff piled up so easily – you don’t even notice it, but it creeps up if you aren’t proactive! But he certainly hates clutter too so I think it’ll be a fun August activity.

  8. Paper is my worst one as well! I swear I have copies of bills I paid 15-20 years ago and there’s so much I’m just overwhelmed by the sheer volume in my files and drawers!

  9. Ahhhh clutter, you aren’t my friend at the moment! I always seem to get into the clutter cycle of making more mess sorting through “stuff”, losing the momentum and then looking at a bigger mess for the week until the urge to purge takes hold again!

  10. I did a massve surge of decluttering back when I made the initial choice to embrace simplicity, and these days I don’t do that much. My primary focus is books. I sort of accumulate them, so I continually ask myself if I really need a particular book, and, once I read a book, whether Im really going to reread it anytime soon.

    1. Books are my weakness, too. The problem is I have a five-shelf bookshelf full of books– and I plan on re-reading almost all of them. My focus for the past few months has been reading ones that I hadn’t read yet or never felt like re-reading and deciding whether I really wanted to keep it. It’s helped some, but I own tons of classic literature that I re-read on a bi-annual schedule. Then there’s my other bookshelf full of scrapbooks and journals. I have more than 30 completed journals, and you can’t really get rid of those. Even though I’m in the process of digitizing them, I can’t get rid of my handwritten ones. Oh well; I try to make up for it in other areas.

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