People are obsessed with how to get organized. As a society we spend billions of dollars each year on containers and bins and storage facilities. Just the other day I actually looked at a flyer for The Home Depot and it was their Get Organized special.

They wanted people to come in and get all these storage containers and bins so that they could organize their stuff. Organize your closet, organize your garage, organize your kitchen, etc. It is never ending. The problem with this is that you still have all the stuff that is taking up way too much damn space.

You unfortunately have spent all kinds of money on all this stuff that you have around and now you have to figure out what to do with it all. So now you are going to go out and spend even more money on containers and boxes and bins and baskets to try to get it all situated and won’t it all look neat and tidy. Nope. You still have the stuff.

And you have not dealt with the issues of why you spend money on all this stuff in the first place and secondly, you need to deal with the reason(s) you are holding onto all of these material possessions.

I realize that just tossing out seemingly perfectly good items is very difficult for a lot of you to do. And it certainly is wasteful.

Could you:

  • sell it to make some extra money
  • donate it to a person or organization in need

There are some tough issues you may be forced to face.

  • Why did I give so much meaning to material possessions?
  • Why am I not content with a simple life?
  • What do I truly value?

If you make the decision to actually declutter your home and get rid of a lot of your material possessions you better be prepared to take a long look in the mirror and answer the above questions.

If you don’t do this, you are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past and before you know it you will be out spending money on more stuff. Not really conducive to living a minimalist, more simple life.

It is entirely possible to live a more meaningful life; a life on purpose. Lots of people are doing it.

You just have to figure out the why before you actually get started.

How to get organized? Forget it. Get a meaningful life instead.

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27 thoughts on “Forget How To Get Organized-Get Rid Of Stuff Instead

  1. I’ve been sorting out my material possessions for two years now…and there are still more to go through! I hope that very soon I will be living with the bare essentials.

      1. That is a good point. It is as important to minimize the stuff you have as to keep the stuff you do have organized. There is nothing like when a friend asks you where something is and you know exactly where it is. However, this is a lot easier to achieve if you only have stuff that is useful.

      1. I think there is such a thing as being over organized? It took out the fun and purpose of it all. Too much pressure, too much frustration when I didn’t complete lists. Then I found out, if I miss out on the list, everything will still be okay. =>

  2. I think a lot of the “stuff” we accumulate is based on how we view ourselves through other peoples eyes. We try to fit in with our friends and co-workers. We keep things we are given so we don’t hurt someones feelings. We can’t truly declutter until we are comfortable with our own view of ourselves. If we shed the skin that we have put ourselves in to please others, we can shed the trappings that go with it.

    1. So true. We seem to be conditioned to keep up with the Jones’. We use stuff to fill a void, to feel better, to hide what we feel are our own inadequacies. Until we just accept that we are who are we may continue to use stuff and spending in this unhealthy way

  3. So true. I have a friend who would rather be in my home than hers due to the clutter. Unfortunately, instead of getting rid of the stuff she is investing even more money to buy the organizational pieces she thinks she needs and still comes to my house when she needs the serenity she can’t get at home.

  4. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I am on a mission to declutter my life with a huge focus on having less stuff in my living space. I have a large collection of organizers to sort through and lose. I’ve somehow become “attached” to them. This post helps me lose attachment.

    I must have been addicted to buying them. The marketing people were successful at convincing me I needed organizers. I have many. I’m empting more as I lose more “stuff”….a good thing. The pile in that corner of my home has grown into a mountain now extending into the middle of my living room.

    I’m wondering what to do with them, take them to the thrift stores like I’ve done with most of my “stuff”?? Embarrassed to say, I have well over a hundred of them emptied so far. Any ideas on where to take them?

    Many thanks to you for an excellent timely post and to the commenters. Wow, such wisdom received at a perfect time for me.

      1. Will think about a way to sell them, even a dollar a piece would bring more than $100. Just needs to be simple though.
        Thank you.

  5. Reblogged this on theliftblog and commented:
    This is a fantastic piece about organizing vs choosing to live life on purpose, not for a purpose. My challenge of 1000 things was spurred by this blog and I follow it reverently. Please take a peek and see what you are able to implement.

  6. I started my yearly purge this weekend and I’m trying to get the bf on board too, so far he’s thrown a few things into the pile – so it’s a start! 😀

    The saddest thing I’ve seen recently are the billboards that say “Put your house on a diet, rent a storage unit” umm…. that’s not really a solution, unless the solution is to make a storage unit company money I suppose 😉

  7. This is really helpful. Like you, I want to go beyond “organized”. My house is full of clutter but today, I took the first step and got rid of 5 bags of horrible junk. Your blog is an encouragement for me to continue despite the long way I still have to go. Thank you.

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