Is simplicity and minimalism a virtue? I feel that it very well should be.

What is a virtue?

A virtue is moral excellence. It is something that is held in high regard as a core value above other beliefs.

Simplicity as a core value should be right up there with courage, tolerance, honesty and patience.

My own level of simplicity and minimalist living is certainly a work in progress.

But I feel that it is a core value that I have.

Perhaps not enough focus is given to simple living when people are young. We are led to believe that spending and obtaining material possessions is the path to happiness.

What a shame. We are doing an incredible disservice to the youth of today by not giving them an alternative lifestyle to the one of spending and debt.

Is is said that money makes the world go ’round. What about love, and tolerance? What about patience and hope?

I had some time off yesterday and the weather was amazing. So I just sat outside and read a book. An actual book with pages that I could hold and feel and smell.

Life is just too short to be worrying about money as much as we do. There is a better way to live and I truly believe that the path to happiness should include simplicity and minimalist living.

Maybe we should have some kind of a life plan. Maybe we should identify our personal core values.

Is it just me or are people kind of lost these days. I am not saying that people are bad but that they have lost their way.

Maybe they need someone to help should them an alternative to spending and debt.

Embrace simplicity as a virtue. As something you truly believe in. When you make the decision to do this I feel you will find you feel so much lighter in spirit and happier in your day to day activities.

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“Live Simply”


14 thoughts on “Is Simplicity A Virtue?

  1. Your message is not going missed. Your messages are consistent, simple, and strong. Where does the “right” thinking start? I think with 1) Parenting and 2) Camping. I think good parenting stresses the simple in all areas of life from household chores to “not” overcomitting in one’s time management. I think Camping is a metaphor for simple living. Travel light, minimise wasted space and wasted mass on heavy objects, keep your body clean, keep your campsite (life) clean and neat. Thank you for your post.

    1. depends on the people camping. My girlfriend loves to camp and we end up spending a lot more money and packing more stuff than a simple weekend spent at home.

      I certainly get where you are coming from though. Great points.

  2. It is certainly a virtue that many lack and I find more are trying to nuture.
    Long story short I cancelled internet from my smart phone to save money. Since then Ive been reading books (the ones made of paper), going for more walks and being more social in person. A few weeks ago I realized that I felt free, and happy, I am again experiencing life before technology made it complicated and hectic. I hadnt realized how much of my life I had allowed to be sucked up by something that I wasted money on…. it was entirely unnecessary, both the loss of money and my time.
    My biggest realization that I had done the right thing was when my step son (who has been taught very well how to entertain himself with video games & TV) came into our room with a comic book while I was reading and curled up beside me to read as well. Another night was a family game of monopoly around the kitchen table. Sunday was badminton in the backyard 🙂
    Leading by example has always been my philosophy, we just need more people to take the lead and show the kids how.

      1. You arent wrong that people have lost themselves, they have in my opinion… myself included some days. 🙂
        I just hit ‘reset’ on life and go for a walk with my dog.

  3. Living simple is hard work! Maybe when I get there it will get easier. I have a lifetime of stuff to sort through. Even figuring what my core values are is difficult. I have been trying to sort it out for years, constantly refining it as I learn more about myself. I love your blog! It helps keep me focused.

    I also love Jen’s comment and agree with it totally! I still have my internet though!

  4. Simplicity definitely should be a virtue. I grew up not totally understanding the messages I got, at least not right away. I was expected to go to college and marry well. Have security and nice things. At first I equated nice things to mean lots of expensive things to show I had accomplished the goal. One day my grandfather (who raised me) decided I needed a talking to and I finally got it. expecting me to have security and nice things was his way of saying he wanted me to have a healthy bank account for emergencies and nice things was his way of saying to take care of what I had, not that they had to be expensive. He also told me I had way too much of everything. When I finally got rid of everything I found he had been right all along.

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