What are some of the benefits to living a more simple, minimalist lifestyle? Well it may be different for everyone of course. Here are just a few. Please add to the list in the comments.

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

From Becoming Minimalist

  • benefit #28 – find work you love
  • benefit #27 – get out of debt
  • benefit #26 – drop-by guests, no sweat
  • benefit #25 – less time shopping (more productive life)
  • benefit #24 – use less standby power
  • benefit #23 – more opportunity for rest
  • benefit #22 – less places for your heart to go
  • benefit #21 – display what you value most
  • benefit #20 – never have to organize a garage sale
  • benefit #19 – less work for someone else
  • benefit #18 – room to add
  • benefit #17 – more time
  • benefit #16 – financially support other causes
  • benefit #15 – less luggage
  • benefit #14 – visually appealing
  • benefit #13 – never have to go antiquing
  • benefit #12 – easier to entertain
  • benefit #11 – easier souvenir shopping
  • benefit #10 – possessions do not equal joy
  • benefit #9 – good for the environment
  • benefit #8 – less stress
  • benefit #7 – minimalism begets minimalism
  • benefit #6 – not tied to the past
  • benefit #5 – freedom
  • benefit #4 – easier to clean
  • benefit #3 – you can find your umbrella
  • benefit #2 – the example you set for your kids
  • benefit #1 – simple dollars and sense

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What other benefits of minimalist living do you have? Please share them in the comments.

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“Change The Code. Change Your Life”


23 thoughts on “Benefits Of Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

    1. This to me is a biggie. My mom & aunt recently had to sort through my grandmother’s stuff for an estate sale. My grandmother, fortunately was of that generation where she truly believed in buying quality over quantity, but she lived for 90 years, and even being “picky” about what she brought into her home, she accumulated A LOT of stuff. The benefit of most of it being true quality, is that the estate company (or whatever it is called) said her estate sale made more money than they have ever seen. The process was very difficult for my mom, emotionally and physically, as well as time-consuming. So she has taken it upon herself to begin paring down her own belongings, and my dad’s (who passed away almost 10 yrs ago), so that my sister and I aren’t burdened with the responsibility of all her stuff when she passes. Now if my inlaws would adopt that mentality…

      1. Hehe… Well, I guess the best that we can do is just to keep doing what we are doing and hope that others join in. Sustainability needs to go viral ASAP.

  1. Great list – I want #28 something fierce 😉 one day! Mind you my work isn’t as bad as some, I have work I don’t mind – I just would really like work I love, there is a difference. I am grateful that I don’t outright hate my job though.

    Not feeling like you are drowning is a great one – I would feel so suffocated if I lived in a place stuffed with things.

  2. so true, I did a traditional spring clean out recently and was rather annoyed at myself for the amount of stuff & clothes I had acquired in a year of living in a new place. Still working on the job situation, I think that one the core for all the others to branch out out. Great post…. they all area really!

  3. My hubby and I were just talking, this morning, about how much further we have to go in our decluttering efforts. He just sorted through is “old” office and realized how much stuff he still has in there (that he doesn’t want to clutter his new office with.) We are hoping to move next summer and to keep our current home as our weekend/vacation “cabin” (it’s a mobile home in the sticks…er, um, I mean in the country). So a lot of the stuff we don’t want to move will still be useful here, like extra dishes and pots/pans, towels, etc. I thought about packing up the stuff that will be staying here when we go, so that it is not cluttering up the house now, but that seems counter-intuitive, since we will have to pack up the rest to take with us, and then unpack all the stuff that is staying. But for peace of mind, it might be the smart way to go, since we will be here for at least 8 more months. (#’s 4, 8, 14, 26, & maybe 27, because we will be dividing possessions between 2 homes instead of throwing out useful duplicates and then having to purchase all new?)

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