How To Be A Minimalist

So you are interested in how to be a minimalist. What does that even mean? I would suggest that it means different things to different people. For some it would involve getting rid of most of their material possessions. For others it may be more about just slowing down the pace of their life so that they have more time to enjoy living.

The idea of reducing consumption has been given a variety of terms including simple living, life hacking, and minimalist living. Like all movements, there are varying degrees of intensity. (Contrary to what you might envision, minimalist living does not mean sitting a furniture-less room, or a life of dumpster diving to score goods for free—although, it can).

Maybe you just feel stuck with the path that your life is currently on and you just know that there has to be a better way to live.

Enter minimalist living.

Chances are that if you have been feeling this way for a while you may have already taken some steps in the direction of how to be a minimalist.

You have been spending less money or you have started to get rid of some of the material possessions that you no longer need.

What are some other actions you can take to become a minimalist.

  • Realize that minimalist living is not a destination. It is a journey. It is a mindset. You know that there is a better way to live than what society brainwashes us into believing, which is spend, spend, spend. Buy a bunch of useless stuff and then wonder why we are in debt. You have seen the light. Congratulations.
  • Anytime the lure of spending money creeps up(and it will-advertising is everywhere!) ask yourself, Why do I want this particular item? Do I really need it? Wait a few days to see how you feel.
  • Start small. Remember you don’t have to declutter your whole house over night. If it is decluttering you are interested in, try getting rid of one item per day for thirty days. Challenge everyone in your family to do the same thing. You will be amazed at the results of this simple action and how it will help in how to be a minimalist.
  • Make a list of all household expenses.. Are there areas of your spending where you can cut back. The average persons spends 3 hours a day watching television. Add in surfing the internet and that is a large chunk of time that is pretty much wasted. Could you go without television for a month? Try it. These are just habits and we can form new habits like walking or reading.
  • Spend 10 minutes per day decluttering. You can do a lot in ten minutes. again you have to cultivate this habit. Concentrate on one room/one area at a time.
  • There are many more ways on the path of how to be a minimalist. As you gradually begin to see the benefits of minimalist living, you will tend to see its importance even more and be more motivated. This way you are going to be more comfortable with the thoughts of getting rid of the items in your life that have no benefits for you.

    How to be a minimalist. What are other ways to live a minimalist lifestyle that you can share in the comments?

    Live simply


8 thoughts on “How To Be A Minimalist

  1. I cut the cord and canceled cable several months ago. The price just kept going up and up, and I was hardly home to watch it; when I was, I would just waste hours on end watching crap. I’ve never been more productive since getting rid of it! I had the chance to watch “TV” the other day, and it almost made me nauseous – all the commercials/ads constantly flashing, the content’less shows… good riddance!

  2. Sometimes the dumpster divers sometimes make me upset though – I’m fine with the idea that you want to cut back on expenses, OR if you are so hard done by that you are forced into that sort of situation (which is quite unfortunate) but if you are going to do that I wish people would be more respectful. At my last apartment we had a real problem with people just throwing the trash every where, and I would always throw my dog baggies in the dumpsters as you should but then the divers would toss them and all sorts of packaging and even broken glass from the dumpsters out on the ground which was frustrating :\ I have moved a few blocks away and the ones over here are much neater (which is strange that a few blocks would have a difference) but the really strange thing about my old place is that the people I would see going into the dumpsters did not look that poor, they were well dressed and clean so… I guess what I’m saying is that if you do dumpster dive have some respect.

  3. I originally spent 6 months getting rid of things that no longer were needed. I had quite a bit from raising a family, but now the kids were gone and it was just me. I didn’t put a name to it, but let the process unfold. Once I was down to what I needed and wanted to keep, the one bedroom 450 sq ft apartment was way too big. I moved to the ideal location, in a studio apartment, the best decision I ever made.

    Without all the crap cluttering my life, I have realized my passions and have the time for them.

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