Warning! This post has nothing to do with minimalist living!

Now I cannot speak to the state of the education system in other parts of North America. I can only comment on the state of things with schools and the education system here in Nova Scotia.

It seems to be a sad state of affairs. The provincial government cut funding a few months ago which meant that school boards around the province had to adjust programming and cut staff.

Now the government has done an about face and says it will hire 45 new lower elementary teachers as the average class size is too large.

Funny how this happens when there is a provincial spring election looming.

There are provincial exams at the high school level for certain subjects. Math for example. All grade 12 students write the same exam. The pass rate last year was 54%. This despite the fact that different initiatives have been implemented at various grade levels over the past number of years to try and boost these results.

So next year there will be no exam. Hey the results suck so let’s just not look at the results any more.

There are teachers teaching subjects that they are probably not qualified for.

School is boring and despite this students do excel.

Something like 80% of ADD and ADHD diagnosed students are boys. And this is suggested to parents by the female elementary teachers. Hmmm. Something is not quite right with this. Boys need to be able to be boys.

Are schools actually preparing students for the real world. I doubt it. Just get them through and maybe off to university or community college.

In a recent Canadian survey of parents managing a household budget was the top choice of respondents who were asked what children should be learning in school. Significant numbers also opted for learning the definition of a recession and learning how to cook a meal.

Hey I am not saying that Shakespeare isn’t important but maybe it could be placed a bit lower on the curriculum. Maybe.

And here is my biggest rant.

A lot of teachers are bullies. They belittle and yell at students. For no good reason. How can making a student cry be considered acceptable behavior. And yet if you were to go to the school and question the administration about these behaviors you would be told that is does not happen.

Funny how we hear a lot about anti-bullying campaigns in regards to students and even among co-workers in the work place, but what about bullying from a teacher to a student.

Teachers would not accept this type of behavior in students and yet they commit bullying against students almost every day.

There are good teachers out there. Just not enough of them.

Anyway this is just my rant for the day. Feel free to comment. Thanks

14 thoughts on “The Problems With School

  1. I too went through similar things you are going through. I even joined the PTO and worked as a room parent and other educational programs in the school. But school was not educating my children. I was told at one point that they would eventually learn to spell properly but for now their self esteem was more important. After struggling for a few years to figure out how to get my children a decent education, I pulled them out and home schooled them. I have never regretted the decision and as adults they turned out just fine, in some ways better because I could plan their classes for what they needed in life and around their interests for future employment. Good luck with your school system.

  2. I think the US is similar to Canada, and probably a lot of the world. Teachers go into teaching for a variety of reasons. After a certain number of years it seems many get burned out frustrated bored etc. I think when this happens many feel stuck and that they cannot make a career change.
    Probably a lot of us have felt like this at one time or another. The unions protect burned out in-effective teachers and the teachers stay on and go through the motions waiting for retirement. This terrible for the kids and the teacher.
    Maybe unions should help burned out teachers transition to new careers. This would help the kids, the burned out teachers and make room for new motivated teachers.
    Parents also need to make sure their kids are still learning over the summer. Even if it is just going to the library once a week to keep a fresh batch of books around. This makes a big difference also and costs next to nothing.
    There my rant. 😉

  3. As far as the bullying, it seems like that happened somewhere not too long ago, and the teacher was only disciplined because a student caught the whole thing on his cell phone camera.

  4. Unplug them, thats my opinion. If we are sending the kids to a classroom that is being supervised and monitored by a human (teacher) it must be mandatory that they ditch the ‘tech’ (both students and teachers). It not only means the teachers work for their pay but the children themselves get more hands on moments and better explainations.
    My Step son has been labelled ADHD and been put on various medications, I still beg my hubby and his ex wife for a “drug free” kid when he is with us. I much prefer him au naturel, sure he is a littlle more to handle but hey…isnt that my responsibility as a parental figure? The biggest lessons I give my step kids on weekends is how to prepare their own food….seriously how does a 10 & 15 year old not know how to make toast and prepare a jug of juice!! As for bullying by teachers….wow, I am so thankful that this is the first time I have ever heard about it, I must be one of the fortunate ones.

    1. I had a bully teacher when I was in 7th grade. It was horrible: he harassed and made fun of students daily, and talked “smack” about our parents, especially our moms. The only reason I learned anything from that class is because my parents hired a tutor to teach me what the teacher wasn’t teaching us. It got so bad that year, that he didn’t return to teach at our school the following year. This isn’t a new occurrence, it happened 25 years ago, what is new is the students being able to record and document the abuse.

  5. I don’t even have enough fingers to count the amount of bullying teachers I had so it’s no surprise I left school at 16! I don’t have kids of my own yet but I hope by the time I do, the education system in Australia has been remodelled to mirror Finland’s one.

    Here’s hoping right?

  6. As a teacher I am deeply offended by many of these comments. I agree that the education system is not what it should be, but I work at a school where teachers care about the students they teach and where we work our butts off every day to provide the best education we possibly can. There are negative examples in every profession, how about we try to focus on the positive, and believe me I have seen many amazing teachers in my day. I was very interested in your blog, but this post has totally turned me off.

    1. I was a teacher as well and just couldn’t do it any more. The system is not doing what it should be doing.

      I know that there are great teachers out there. Of that I have no doubt.

      Focusing on the positives doesn’t change the fact that there are real issues that need to be dealt with in regards to education.

  7. Here in my small town in New Jersey where we pay an exhorbitant amount of taxes due to the unionized and tenured teachers, I have most of my private art students because their art teacher belittled their projects in class. Our systems fail to take into account that different children learn differently. If you’re a certain age, you’re in a certain grade, regardless of where you fit in emotionally or intellectually. Reminds me of factory work. This is how you do it, and don’t question it.

  8. Come to South Dakota. In Rapid City, Stevens High School would never put up with a bullying teacher. There may be one or two ineffective teachers but on the whole our classes are great environments for learning–innovative and well managed. A special effort is in constant play to nurture and “grow” students by tapping into their learning needs.

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