Well I am feeling that the end is here for this minimalist living blog. I love to write and share various thoughts but the reality is I probably spend too much time blogging and not enough time on real world stuff that needs to be a focus.

So this may very well be the last post on Minimalist Lifestyle.

I have a number of thoughts in my head that I would like to touch on so here goes.

Let’s first look at the way the education system “trains” us to be slaves.

All the school system really does is teach us how to work for others and not to really think for ourselves.

The message we get from parents, teachers, and society is to go to school, get good grades, keep your mouth shut, don’t question authority and this will allow you to get a “good job”.

In both the school and job world success id predicated on how well you play follow-the-leader. The leader tells you when to show up, what work to do, when to do it, imposes deadlines and acceptable standards of performance. All you have to do is show up and do a reasonably acceptable job without causing any unnecessary disruption(keep your mouth shut) and you will be rewarded with good grades, promotions, special recognition and diplomas.

Your job is exactly the same. Show up do what you are told and you get a salary, some benefits, possible promotion. If you were good at the school game you are good and the work-for-someone-else game. Way to go. You know how to be a good follower. We should all be so proud.

So this past week it was determined that the average Canadian household debt level is at 163%. That means that for every dollar people earn, they owe 1.63$. Nice. Not even 20 years ago we owed LESS than we earned. So how is it that we have gotten to this point? People who are earning 60000.00$ or 70000.00$ or more are more in debt than people were less than two decades ago. Hell, I know people who make large salaries and are living paycheck to paycheck. WTF?!

So people get themselves into trouble with credit card debt, lines of credit etc. They cannot make their payments so what do they do? They go off to their friendly banker who tells them, Hey don’t worry chum. We can help. Just re-finance. Roll that debt into your mortgage and all is well. NOT TRUE. You are now paying off that consumer debt over 20 or 25 years. Of course the bank wants you to do this. This is how they keep you under their thumb. They don’t want you to be debt free now do they.

Don’t tell me things are tight when everyone in your family has a cell phone AND a land line, you have cable TV, 2 cars, etc.

People just will not sit down and look at their finances. The bottom line is they don’t want to know. They do not want to face reality. Tell someone they have to make a household budget and track their spending and they look at you like you have two heads.

In short it makes me sad. It doesn’t have to be this way. But people do not want to hear it.

People have to start taking responsibility for their actions.

We are not really taught any of this stuff in school. They want us to be followers, remember. They don’t want us to question anything. They don’t really understand that there is a better way. Just be a good follower, and keep your mouth shut.

How can you do it. How can you start saving money and stop living paycheck to paycheck?

Living just a little bit below your means. Saving for something that you want to purchase. Not using credit cards. Actually keeping track of your spending by having a household budget. Stop watching TV. Cancel your cable.

You have to change your habits and that will take time.

Nope. That would make too much sense. That would actually empower people to make better choices.

Thanks so much to all of you who have followed this blog and commented. Hopefully you have read some stuff here that has made you think a little bit. Maybe you have decided to live a more minimalist lifestyle because of something that you have come across on this minimalist living blog.

This will be post number 224. There have been 189000 page views and almost 3000 comments. Thanks for that.

Please share this post and as always please comment.

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26 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. Wow, I am very sad that you are going to stop your blog. I can understand and appreciate your frustration with the education system. And I understand that writing your blog takes you away from what’s important to you. I respect your decision, just know you have touched my life in many ways. May you find your way in peace – whatever way that may be, Sincere thanks for the work you have done.

  2. Maybe it’s time to move on to another blog? Maybe you sense inside that your insight is now better served talking about seeking the truth in life. You can’t just check out. The world needs people like you.

  3. I’m sorry to see you leave the blog, but wish you good luck. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I feel the same way about so many things you touched on. The educational system, don’t get me started, but I will say that I home schooled my children from ages 10 & 13 respectively. We used more of an unschooling method and I asked my kids to think for themselves. today they are 25 and 28. They own their own homes, live by budgets, no consumer debt (other than their mortgage) and are doing well. In comparison, the students they went to school with are mostly still living at home, working part time jobs or keep moving back home when they can’t make it. Another percentage are in jail, and more people they went to school with have died due to alcohol or suicide than people I graduated with. Definitely something wrong with that picture as these kids should just be starting out and I’ll be 50 this year.

  4. Sorry to see you leave and hope that you will reconsider at some point of time. Sure blogging can take up time, but then there is the possibility of a middle way, like just fewer post, isn’t it?
    Would be great to see you around again sooner or later in the hopefully growing community of frugal living people.


  5. I just very recently found your blog and am truly sorry to see you leave. You have what I think, is a very realistic way of looking at the sad state of our world. Simplify, should be the mantra we ALL live by, but it’ll never happen. Wherever your path takes you, I wish you well and thank you for taking the time to put some really good thoughts out there. Peace…

  6. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your intuitive thoughts on life and simple living. You have much to offer the world and I wish you the best. I will picture you and your significant other traveling the world, along with being the proud owners of a tiny house! Take care…

  7. Hi, I’m sad that you stop writing. Isn’t it possible to keep on going, but write less posts? You have been very active. I’ve a blog myself, but I’m not so active. I hope you reconsider…

  8. Yours is my favorite blog. I hate to see you go, but in keeping with the minimalist life style, I don’t know how you could do any differently. I used you as my inspiration towards cutting out much of the unnecessary extras that are weighing me down. Little by little is my theme. I think of you every time I take another step in the right direction.
    Thank you for making the effort to post this blog. I wish you much happiness in your future.

  9. thanks so much for your inspirational words! they helped a lot with my own seach for a more siple life without all the things I once thougt I could’t live without. all my best wishes for you – be happy with whatever you do next.

    and to all the simple-life searchers like me out there – let’s keep on trying, be aware and enjoy the simplest thing of all: LIFE

  10. I will definitely miss your blog. Why don’t you keep it going but just post once in awhile? That way you can live life in the real world but give your readers something to look forward to and think about every so often.

    Your blog definitely helps keep me on the path of minimalist living.

  11. I am young and an aspiring minamalist and writer. I don’t come back to many blogs, but yours I have appreciated and learned much from. I think you have much to teach people my age (18-25) and if you do not continue this blog, I hope that you will find another way to continue to live and share these beliefs. Thank you and may God look after you.

  12. One of the hardest things I have had to learn to throw out clutter is learning when to say goodbye to something. It’s good to see that you are prepared to do this with your blog too. Nothing lasts forever.

    Some advice we have been trying to follow is to write down things we feel we want to buy, instead of buying them straight away. This reduces our spending and allows us to concentrate on the things that are important to us, rather than impulse buys.

  13. Funny…I just came across your site as you are saying farewell. Your voice will certainly be missed and I wish you and your family well. I have recently begun the steps to “downsize” my life and part of the plan is to work toward a strong connection with like-minded individuals to make it sustainable. No one can do it alone. We cannot just ignore that we are in this together. I hear all of the voices and hope that, with the help of this great internet tool, we can somehow get people to wake up to the fact that this is a necessity if we all want to survive. Just a thought…have you considered blogging with a community of people, sharing the load?

  14. There have been moments while reading your posts that you have reflected dormant beliefs of my own, thus waking me. Thank you! So sorry to see you go though.

    I hear you on your latest post; I wrote an aphorism some time ago that may be a reflection of your thoughts on the education system… ‘Education affords us the illusion of freedom under authority’.

    Cheers, and may you pursue your priorities with ease 🙂


  15. You’re right. People do not want to hear it. I’ve loved your blog. Thanks so much walking the path of the “Way Shower” – People DO watch, and they wonder. . . . But when they find out the answer to “how” involves them, they’re on the the next thing. Something more fun, more sexy; faster. All the best to you! “Make every step you take go in that direction.” -Socrates.

  16. Reblogged this on Spirit and Money Matters and commented:
    This is the last post post from the blog, Minimalist Living. I’ve really enjoyed this blog. It was well written, and I’d cheer in agreement while reading. A fond farewell to “Minimalist Living” – but never to the idea, or the lifestyle! Take care.

  17. Hi! Sorry to hear you’re leaving! But good luck! This was the only blog I ever subscribed to and actually read. It was interesting, simple and honest. Thanks for that!

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