How To Declutter Your…


A lot of us search for tips on how to declutter the house, declutter the office, or declutter the closet.

Or maybe you have searched  for “how to declutter my life”. Is there a difference between all of this?

What are we dealing with here?

I guess we feel we have too much physical stuff if we want to declutter the house. And maybe with decluttering our lives we have too much stuff going on, too many commitments and not enough time for ourselves.

I want to also bring up something I have noticed that some people who are super busy do. They brag about how busy they are. They want everyone to know that they are running around. They kind of complain about it, but wear it as a badge of honor at the same time.

It does not impress me that people are super busy. Hey I know that people have kids who are into stuff etc etc. But either be busy or don’t. Anyway I digress.

So how can we declutter?

Well you have to start. Start small and simply. A lot of us have emotional ties to the physical items that we own. Why do we keep clothes that are too small? Because we used to be that size and we want to be that size again!

It may prove too emotional at times to go through certain items. Start small. If you try to bite of more than you can chew it will become overwhelming and you may just throw in the towel.

Keep it simple.

How to declutter your home:

  • Start with just 10-15 minutes per day. Pick an area and go for it. The dining room table may be covering with papers. Dive in.
  • “Do I really need this?” Ask this about everything you touch. Do you use it?
  • Borrow a paper shredder. I did this on the weekend. I LOVE shredding papers. I now have maybe 1/20th of the files I used to have.
  • Repeat this process for 10-15 minutes every day or every few days. Try to cultivate this as a habit. You want this to stick with you.
  • Get help from a friend. I HATE doing this kind of stuff by myself so if possible I want someone there to encourage me as I declutter my place. Have you ever noticed how easy it is for people to criticize others for the stuff they have? But then when you go to their place it is just as bad or worse!! 

They have no emotional ties to YOUR crap so of course they could just get rid of it. But their crap is worth something to them. The psychology of decluttering runs deep!


How To Declutter Your Life

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with the busyness of your life maybe you need to cut back on some of your commitments. Not easy to do, I realize.

  • Make a list of what is critically important to you. You may have 4 or 5 things that are non negotiable that you really enjoy doing. This is fine.
  • Learn to say “no” when asked to do other things. A lot of us what to please other AND to be liked and accepted. So saying yes all the time is our way of gaining approval and acceptance. You and your family are the ones being drained. Say “no”. Politely:)

Decluttering your home or decluttering your life is not an overnight process. You have to stick with it,  just like anything else of course.

I think a lot of realize how much we enjoy clear, open, uncluttered spaces and open, free uncluttered lives. It is like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

What is interesting is the emphasis put on “organizing your clutter”. Hmmm. Is that even possible? Clutter holds you back and weighs you down physically and especially mentally.

So the best approach is to declutter, purge, get rid of. Try to build some momentum. You may find that once you start you get hooked(hopefully!)


Hopefully this hepls you get started with decluttering your house and your life. I am not an expert by any means. Hell there have been times I have wanted to hire someone to just help me get started with decluttering.

Let me know what you think about this post and share your thoughts in the comments.



2 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your…

  1. I have been living this for a couple years, purging things is a constant in my life. The worst part is when I end up inheriting items or collectables from family and friends, BUT it gets easier and easier to say GOODWILL or Dump as I get hurt moving boxes and I don’t want to be doing this a decade from now. And I especially don’t want to leave a mess for others to clean up as many have done to me.

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