Looking to fill some void, some hole.


To make us whole. To make us more complete.


Why do we feel so empty?


When is enough, enough?


25 t-shirts. 15 pairs of jeans, 12 jackets, 14 pairs of shoes.


3 televisions. Cell phones. Desk top. Laptop(s).


More. Always more.


Always on the go. Don’t stop; can’t stop. Go, go, go!


When is enough, enough?


When will we be able to sit quietly and enjoy the silence? To look at each other and just…be.


Be content. Be thoughtful. Be reflective. Be attentive. Be loving.


We have more than we need.


When will enough be enough?


How about now?


4 thoughts on “When Is Enough, Enough?

    1. You have some great insights. I really enjoy your posts and encourage you to keep trying to find your “center”. I have been working on my “stuff” for a couple of years now and it is a gradual process for me. I started by realizing there are only so many shirts I can wear in a week. I also found that I had been trying to fill holes in myself by buying. Recently I have been trying to fill the holes with self reflection, awareness and educating myself on why I do what I do. Now I am constantly saying to myself that I have all that I need and look for other forms of entertainment. Please keep the posts coming, we all can use fresh reminders.

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