Defeat Clutter Forever

Do you have some decluttering that you need to do but feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking on what seems like a monumental task?

I am sure that there are quite a few of us out there who feel this way.

The problem with most advice on clearing clutter is that it runs on the assumption that people actually have enough storage space in their homes. I am 100% sure that anyone who saves closet space by rotating their winter clothes out of their closet to make room for their summer wardrobe isn’t storing their Christmas sweaters under their house in the crawlspace.

So what I am proposing is a challenge called the “Declutter 5 Project”

The premise is simple. Each day find 5 things that you can do without and get rid of them.

Do this every day for 30 days.

Need help on just getting started with how to declutter your house?

You may want to read this post on how to declutter for tips on how to get started with decluttering.

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I am hoping that this will be the push you need to get started with living a more simple, streamlined life.

You may decide to have a yard sale and sell the items you declutter. Or you may decide to donate them. The key thought here is to actually “de-own” these items. There is no point in moving them around or putting them in fancy containers. We actually want to clear the items out.

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Why Declutter?

Here are some reasons to declutter and get organized:

  • You may find lost or misplaced items
  • You create more space which in turn just makes us feel better
  • It is easier to find items when you need them
  • People tend to work more efficiently in a non-cluttered ennvironment
  • You will spend less time cleaning, dusting,  and organizing
  • Peace of mind. You will be spending less time and energy on tidying, and will have more time for yourself.

So 5 things a day for 30 days. You may find that you get on a roll and end up with more than just 5 items per day to declutter. And you can keep going for more than 30 days! That is fantastic. This is a common occurrence when people start to declutter.

I would really like for the Declutter 5 Project to gain some traction in the blogosphere so let’s all share this on Facebook and Twitter for starters. #Declutter5Project

Email this post to your friends and family.

And of course please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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11 thoughts on “The “Declutter 5” Project

  1. Perfect timing. I’m attacking my art studio, and this is a great way to keep me motivated. Today’s tally: 5. One old mouse, two disgusting coffee mugs, three rags – also in the disguesting category. And, I found a print, I’ve been looking for. I’ll keep you posted. Reblogging your challenge.

    1. I know it seems difficult when the kids don’t want to get rid of anything. My youngest as 17 and now I feel a little sad whan I see a little trash bag outside of her bedroom door and i know a few more items of her childhood are headed for the dump.
      Baby books can be used for siblings or cousins, so can toys. Definatly a “re-use” there. We have justabout every item of “art” our kids ever brought home. I missed irt when they hit middle school and we didn’t get those anymore.
      Maybe you can get her a few bins at Target to store some of her “clutter” in.

      1. You won’t regret that. Make sure they are in sealed containers to keep the bugs out and control humidity. They may not be Van Goughs but they are priceless.

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