Minimalist Living And Buying Used

Certainly a big aspect of minimalist living is the realization that we just do not need a lot of stuff.

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Minimalist living is about living life on purpose.

Living intentionally.

Minimalists get a charge out of life. We get a charge out of experiences. These experiences can be solo or with others.

But there may come a time when even someone living a minimalist lifestyle may actually need to (gasp) buy something.

Can I Buy It Used?

My son is going into grade 10. We do not have a home computer. You do the math on this one.

I do have a Blackberry Playbook which serves my needs just fine.

But when it comes to him being able to actually do school research for projects and assignments and being able to store them on a USB stick, the reality is that we actually needed an actual computer.

So for the past few weeks I have been browsing around some stores getting completely overwhelmed by the multitude of options out there when it comes to buying a new computer. There is too much choice.

Plus, when you get right down do it, they are pretty darn expensive.

So the question is, “Why do we need a NEW computer anyway?”

Actually we probably don’t need a NEW computer at all.

Also, from an environmental standpoint, buying a new piece of technology just adds to the future stream of electronic waste.

It just does not add up. Not for my current minimalist living lifestyle.

So I went online and found a local person who refurbishes used desktops and 80.00$ later I have a complete system that will serve all of our needs.

Dual core i3 processor
19 inch monitor

I feel so much better about having purchased a used computer instead of a new one. There is no buyers remorse.

Should You Consider Buying Used?

So should you consider buying used if you need something? I think you should look into the option.

Ask yourself this question:

If I buy new, what am I giving up to have the brand new version?

Let me explain.

Let’s say you could get a brand new computer(or camera, or smartphone, etc) for 1000.00$.

First of all how much better is this new item really going to be than the version that you currently have?

Chances are not much better.

We are led to believe by marketers that the new version of something will be so much better that the version you currently have. A lot of the time this is simply not the case.

The next point is what else could you do with 1000.00$? Assuming you have 1000.00$ cash…

  • you could invest it
  • save for a downpayment on a house
  • go on an awesome trip
  • donate some to charity

Or if you are putting it on credit(tsk, tsk) then you have to understand that you will be paying for your purchase for many months to come plus the crazy(criminal) interest rates that your credit card company will charge you.

All of a sudden buying used is the way to go.

Extra: Did you know that the new Apple iPad has thinner glass than the older models which means it is much more susceptible to breaking than previous models. Also the battery is glued in place. So when the battery wears out the machine itself is pretty much done. All part of the planned obsolescence Apple is counting on.

Consider buying used products if at all possible.

Just one way minimalist living can exist in those of us who actually need something.

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6 thoughts on “Minimalist Living And Buying Used

  1. I think that one reason why people might buy new is that it is perceived as the easier option: instant gratification vs research and planning. I would say I am guilty of this myself, much against my better intentions. Shocking information about the ipad!!!

  2. One has to find a balance. Electricity consumption of some of the older appliances for example make moving on a better choice, but hey, with the way people throw away nowadays it doesnt take long before even the most uptodate technology is up for grabs on the second hand market. The craftmanship and style of older products on display in your home / life may well put you in the retro trend style zone unintentionally! A double bonus!

  3. Even better than buying used is taking away other people’s unwanted stuff for free.

    I’ve enver had to buy a TV, because when one has broken, I’ve not had to wait long for someone to offer another one for free – as a result of them getting a new one. Look for sites like freecycle and freegle for this sort of thing in the UK.

    It’s also a great way to get rid of things you realise that you don’t need/want, but that someone else can make use of.

  4. Just a quick FYI – Apple offers battery replacement on their iPads for $99.00 + a small shipping/handling charge – along with proper disposal of the old battery.

    Not sure if other manufacturers do the same or not.

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