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Have you ever seen commercials for retirement planning and investment companies?

The dialog usually goes a little something like this.

“Because I have made smart investment choices I can finally live the life I’ve always wanted to.”

These words were, of course, spoken by an active baby boomer who appeared to have everything together.

I am trying to save for my “golden years”, but this model of waiting until 60 or 65 or whatever age to enjoy life just isn’t working for me.

Let’s see. This is how it goes for a lot of people: Work to just barely get by. Try to save some money so they do not have to eat cat food as seniors and sit around as we wait for death. Interesting model of life to follow.

It isn’t just about making good financial decisions that can help keep you on track as you age. That is pretty sound advice. But that kind of message implies something more sinister.

We are expected to delay doing the things we want to do in order to do the things society expects us to do.

That feels like watching life rather than living it. Like waiting for all the cool stuff to happen at you rather than making opportunities..

I am making the decision not to wait for “retirement”.

Phi Phi Island Thailand
Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I know that there are a lot of circumstances that play into every individuals ability and desire to make these big changes happen in their lives. But I do know one universal truth.

You don’t know what will happen next.

I don’t want to face death at any age and be angry or sad that I didn’t do all the things I wanted to do. I don’t want to know that I waited even a day too long.

You’re idea of living deliberately is may be different from mine. In fact, I practically guarantee it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your job or that you shouldn’t work hard. What I am suggesting is make sure that the thing you’re doing is what you want to be doing. Don’t imagine a day in the future when you can “finally” do the thing you want to do. What if you never get there?

This is deliberate living to me.

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“Live Simply”


8 thoughts on “How to Live Deliberately

  1. When I suddenly stumble upon the death of a person that I love (which has happened a few times) , it reminds me that my time on Earth is not a gift, is just a loan, and it can be taken away at any time, (no matter how wisely I manage my money, my health or my life in general).

  2. Loved reading your post. I agree that living deliberately is so important, especially for me since we lost whatever nest egg we had to get through these past 8 years or so. I don’t ever see my husband and I retiring and this is why my idea of living deliberately will be one of just making the time to do the things I want to do. We will probably never travel, but we will make time to visit family who live scattered around this country.

    My future will not be the same as what my parent’s future was, but I will make the best of it, come hell or high water!

  3. Living a life you dislike today in the hope that one day you can retire to a life you hope you will like in the future is utter madness to me but I can understand why people might think like that. I have to confess that I thought like that once.

    If only people created lives they enjoy now, lives that they don’t need to “retire” from, the world (their world and everybody else’s worlds) would be a much better place.

  4. Extremely well put…you took the words out of our mouths. We constantly talk about living “deliberately” and taking the road less traveled. At 46 and 36, we’re “retired,” geographically independent and have made ourselves the executives of our own lives. Yes, the budget is tight, the challenges can be daunting, people sometimes scratch their heads in disbelief of our non-conventional ways (we donated everything and each own 75 items!), but the rewards are simply immeasurable. As soon as we realized there was another way to peel the onion, so to speak, we got busy planning our exit from the mainstream. When the world tells you to work until age 65 and delay living, start asking “who says” and realize there is another – amazing – world out there. Remember, this is no dress rehearsal! Surprise yourself…you may just give more back to society, and yourselves, than you would sitting behind a desk until the calendar tells you it’s time to retire. Great post minimalistlifestyle!

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