I love to eat. Anyone who knows me knows this to be the most true thing I have ever admitted.

I have problems when it comes to eating though and I am not exactly sure where they stem from.

I was always a little bit of a bigger kid so my parents tried(unsuccessfully) to limit my food intake. My parents are healthy people. My mom, at almost 64, walks all the time. My dad is actually too thin. They could both hide behind me and not be seen.

I am just bigger. Think a football offensive lineman.

Anyway, I enjoy food but here is the thing. I really hate the preparing of said food.

As I have posted before, I work 12 hour rotating shifts. The last thing I want to be doing is making meals. But I know it has to be done. I need healthy(paleo/primal) and simple recipes.

Cripes when I go to the grocery store I wander like Lindsay Lohan in search of her next bottle of Jack!

I actually look at what other people have in their cart and to be honest I do not see much that is very appealing.

And I end up with the same crap in my cart. I spend money on complete junk that is gone in a few days and then I am back repeating the same scenario.

I do have a slow cooker which should make things easy but I even struggle with that for crying out loud.

So does anyone out there have any suggestions?

I have searched “menu planning”, “meal planning” etc, but I have yet to find anything that would seem to work for me. I know I cannot be the only person in this predicament. What have others come across for simple recipes that actually are simple?

I want real food. Nothing processed in a box or a can if it can be helped. I do not want cereal bars which are just junk wrapped up in “healthy” packaging.

I am going grocery shopping tomorrow I think and I need some suggestion.

If you could see my refrigerator right now you would cringe. There is an apple and a few lemons and a 4 liter jug of water. Ha! So as you can tell I need help.

PLEASE comment or send me to a site that may help me.



15 thoughts on “I Need Help With Menu Planning!!

  1. Its one of my biggest struggles also however here’s what Ive been trying. I prep food on Sundays as I work the standard 9-5. I chop veggies and put them in containers in the fridge. I cook meat like chicken, baked or steamed, and slice, and also store in containers in the fridge and freeze the rest. I find various chilli recipes are great because you can freeze them too (I freeze them in single portions). Chilli can be hearty and filling depending on the ingredients.
    I bake tasty oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well, and with this effort (an hour and a half at the most), I have healthy food that has little prep through the week because I put in a bit of time on Sundays. (With my teenage daughters help, it doesn’t feel so daunting:)

    As far as sites go, try looking up ‘simple meals’, ‘3 or 5 ingredient recipes’, ‘no cook meals’. Real Simple has a tool where you pick the main ingredient and a basic type of dish, and it generates a recipe:


    Hope some of this is helpful! I love your blog btw 🙂

  2. I too loathe cooking, but to keep the budget tamed, I do keep it very simple. I am a Vegan, so that will reflect in what I suggest. I marinate tofu in a Thai sauce that I make with peanut butter, soy sauce, herbs, red pepper flakes and ginger. I add coconut oil to a pan and cook my tofu until it is a bit brown. Remove the tofu. I then use the sauce that is left behind with red onion and garlic thrown in and fresh spinach, chard or any other leafy green sauted in that. I cook a pot of brown rice in my rice cooker. Here’s the trick. I make enough to last 4 meals with this process. I have other ideas, but I thought I wouldn’t drag this out. Variations on the theme with this recipe are easy. Substitute corn for the rice or boiled potatoes cooked with green beans and slices of red onion as well as garlic. Then drain it, add earth balance, salt and pepper. My protein side would be my left over tofu. Grocery shopping list for this run: tofu, peanut butter, soy sauce, ginger (bottled fine), Italian herbs (bottled fine), brown rice, red onion, garlic, leafy greens to saute, corn, potatoes, green beans, Earth Balance. You can get 4 meals with variety for all of this. My husband who is not a Vegan actually loves this tofu dish. Hope this inspires some ideas. I promise that once you get used to a favorite dish it is quick to prepare.

  3. Happy Herbivore blog. She is plant based and does weekly menu planning for a small charge. Her meal plans include grocery lists. I’ve done several weeks and her recipes are great. I own 3 of her cookbooks, too. Real food.

  4. Easiest slow cooker meal that’s yummy. Get a pork butt roast (~3 lbs) bone out, and add any kind of sauce you like. I do bbq because I love bbq pulled pork. I just empty a bottle of sauce and let it go. Once it’s done separate the fat and it’s done. Mainly paleo, depending on sauce you use. Can do the same with beef roast or chicken breasts. Can shred or not. I go with my mood 🙂 And I too am *exactly* like you when it comes to food. Dysthymia?

  5. I also hate to cook and now my husband does most of it, but when I am motivated I usually make a big pot of chili or bean soup with ham or a soup with chicken and noodles. Have plastic food keepers ready and portion out and freeze. Great for when you don’t have the time or the will to start cooking. Don’t forget morning foods either like an omelet/bacon, pancakes/sausage, fried eggs over hash browns, etc.

  6. I agree make a big batch and freeze some, so you’ve got meals ready to go. I make a huge vegetarian soup – basically throw in all the veggies you have add water, stock and salt and pepper and done – serve with pasta, quinoa, rice, millet. Or a quick quinoa pesto stir through with chopped zuchini and corn. Or the simplest easiest lentil dish – soak brown lentils overnight, and drain, then add water an inch above lentils a tin of chopped tomatoes, season with stock, salt, pepper and a bay leave and cook. Serve with olive oil, parmesan and add pasta, rice,, quinoa or millet. Hope this helps!!

  7. Stonesoup is another good blog with recipes and tips to make the dishes vegan, paleo etc. The ingredient lists are usually short, which makes it easier. I agree with everyone else, I hate to cook!

  8. Just saw a recipe for pancakes: 1 ripe banana and two eggs, mush the banana and mix in eggs and wallah! pancake batter. I also really like some of the single serve stuff: yogurt, applesauce and tofu deserts (not sure who makes them). Apples, mandarines and banana’s for fruit (everything else requires prepping). And if I have a sunday afternoon I will make a BIG pot of spaghetti sauce in my 18qt. roaster oven. I take a third out and freeze in single serve containers and then I make two lasagnas for the freezer and with the left over sauce I add spices and beans and make chili. Then I freeze whatever is leftover after the feast. That makes me about 30 meals. One other little trick I like to use because I am so lazy is to make sauce and freeze in ice cube trays. once they are frozen then you can put them all in one bag. If I don’t do this most of my food will be tasteless because I couldn’t be bothered to do anything more than the basics. I hope some of that helps!

  9. Hi! I’m a big follower of your blog and love it. When it comes to simple healthy meals I’m a bit of a specialist because I love simplicity and staying slim and healthy. Why don’t you have a quick look on my blog? It’s Sandy’s Smart Weight Loss Blog. Plenty simple ideas there … Have a great day!

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