I actually went grocery shopping and bought some real food. A big thank you to the people who posted and offered some suggestions to help make things simple for me in the meal planning department.

Think about how much energy we expend when it comes to food.

Going out to buy it, bringing it home, unpacking it, preparing it, cleaning up afterwards, ahem- the elimination of waste. And then we do it all over again.

I wonder how much time it all adds up to in the run of a week?

I was thinking the other day about how hectic life has become these days for the vast majority of people.

Go, go, go. Checking the internet all the time. I think it is okay to sit and do nothing. Just relax and enjoy some music.

Here are some tunes for you to enjoy!


4 thoughts on “It Is Okay To Slow Down And Enjoy The Music

  1. Not too long ago, our ansestors spent a lot of energy to have food. My grandma (80 yrs old) tells me stories of her childhood. Her father and brothers would get up early and head out to the fields to plant/tend/harvest the crops. The females would milk the cows, gather eggs, manually wash clothing. Her mother would grind wheat into flour to make bread and churn cow’s cream into butter. She cooked on a wood-burning stove. They did not sell their crop, it was just to provide food for their family of 14. Of course, they did not have 9-5 jobs as this was their job.

    1. And I feel that there was something more meaningful in that way of life. Yes it would have been incredibly hard work but they created something of incredible value for themselves.

      This going to the grocery store to buy processed junk is not what I consider a valuable way to spend time.

  2. Great post, and timely for us. We’re currently living in Ireland, car-less by choice, and recently had a similar conversation as we walked two miles each way to the grocery store. By the time we returned and ate our vegetarian meal, we realized we expended more calories to “fetch” dinner than dinner provided (oh the irony!). As simple living has overtaken our lives, it’s interesting to reflect on the fact that making dinner can be a three-hour event. For this reason, we strive to enjoy every moment of the journey together. It’s an amazing way to live, and we wouldn’t trade it back for the mainstream. Keep up the great blogging!

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