This is a tough decision but ultimately I feel that it is the right one.

I am going to delete this blog and all of its content in the next day or so.

Thanks for following. I love writing but am not sure where to go with things anymore.

“Live simply”


20 thoughts on “Deleting The Blog

    1. My first time visiting your blog and I am in awe of the responses, some encourage you to move on and those who encourage you to just step away for a bit, not destroying what you have created! I believe in the latter, You drew 1,131 followers, people who actually cared what you had to say….for whatever reason! Thoreau would be impressed with your thoughts, step away, live your life, but leave your inspiration!

  1. It will be a shame to see the blog disappear. We hope you have a change of heart but we also understand what you are feeling. WE wish you all the best and hope to see and hear from you again. Your blog has been an inspiration to us and a motivation to keep on track. Good luck.

  2. I do not want to see you or the blog go ,but I have to learn change is a good thing.I hope you know I love the blog and you have helped me so much as I am clearing out years of junk mentally and physically.I really am getting it together because of the help and support of this blog.I pray the best for you .

  3. Good job! I’m going to shutdown my website and give all my book to the public library moving them to a single. Thank you and I will no miss you I’ll just live simply.

    Take care.

  4. No! Your voice is much appreciated and much needed. I look forward to your posts and they have helped me so much. Please reconsider and at least don’t delete them. You will be sorely missed.

  5. Instead of deleting your blog, why don’t you re-invent it if your not getting what you want out of it? It’s also okay to take a break. Maybe you are interesting in writing on broader issues but you feel that the “theme” of your blog does not allow that. As someone who has deleted 3 blogs I know how you feel, the type that want to write and want to express themselves are always the type that can withdraw easily as well. I had a blog on living a zero waste lifestyle, I couldn’t adhere to it anymore so I felt like I was a phoney for keeping it. I wish I was just honest with my readers and wrote about my experience. Don’t let other people’s expectations stop you from doing what you love. Your blog sends a good message, there are too many blogs on nail polish and fashion and not enough on eco living. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  6. I am late coming to this, as I haven’t been online much the past month, but I’m hoping that with the amount of time that has passed since this post, and the fact that it’s still up, means that you’ve opted to at least leave the existing content up. I enjoy reading it. And as someone else mentioned, is a great place to come back to, when things feel a little out of control. Either way, I wish you a happy, healthy 2014 and best of luck on whichever path you follow from here.

  7. Glad to see you haven’t deleted the blog. You’ve done some excellent work, and I’ve both enjoyed reading what you’ve written and been inspired by it. Keep up the great work, and look forward to seeing more from you in 2014!

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