When my marriage ended I had to get some furniture for myself. I had a decent little apartment so off I went to a big box furniture store and got myself a “bonded leather” couch and loveseat.

Fast forward 6 years and they are now garbage. Literally.

There is nothing leather about “bonded leather” at all of course.

The vinyl completely peeled off so on Saturday I wrapped the sofa up in plastic wrap and wrestled it to the curb. I put a “FREE” sign on it and of course it was picked up a few hours later.

I still have the loveseat.it is covered and I have created a sitting area that I am quite pleased with.


A few days prior to this I was at the Sears Bargain Center in Halifax and had seen two gorgeous sofas that were a decent size for the apartment and were marked down to 300$ from over 1000$ originally.

One was fabric, dark grey and similar to this.


The other was similar in style to this one.


They were the only ones like this as these are items that are return for various reasons.

I work in a factory and I come home FILTHY so fabric does not make a lot of sense. Leather tends to be a bit pricey.

But either of these would have worked, especially at this price!

When I went back to decide on one a few days ago they were both gone.

So off I go to every furniture store, clearance store, surplus store in the greater Halifax area to no avail. I swear that the hard-sell by furniture sales people is worse than at a car dealership!

My last stop was at a discount surplus store called XS Cargo.

My main reason for going there was to pick up this chair.


It cost 50$.

Now that I have it I am questioning whether I even need a sofa.

I am thinking that I do not. They are large and rather expensive. They seem to wear out faster than they should. I really do not have a need for one.

I could get another chair like this one and some other creative seating if needed and I would be all set.


Who says you need a couch anyway?

Would love to know your thoughts on this scenario.


13 thoughts on “Say NO To The Couch!

  1. Do what makes YOU happy. I would keep the cozy little sitting space you created with the love seat. Looks perfect for curling up with a book. You never know… you might have people over 🙂

  2. We all make purchases to comply with standards that designers set for us, not those we make for ourselves. We live in our spaces, so we are the ones who decide what to put in them. Lots of people pay interior designers to decide how and what they should live with so others will be impressed. Who cares?!

    Reading your blog gave me the nudge I needed to sell furniture recently. I felt for a long time that it was just taking up space because it wasn’t used. Did I need that large dining table with six chairs when I live alone and haven’t had anyone for dinner in years? Did I need that sofa bed anymore when it gets used two days a year by a visitor? Did I really need the armoire that was storing stuff I needed to toss or donate? An online ad got fast results. A woman bought everything, called movers, and it was gone from my space within an hour. We were both happy. I felt such relief. I thought I’d move to a smaller space. A friend asked, what are you going to buy to fill the space? I said, nothing.

    1. So true! The sitting area space where the love seat now resides did have a round pub style table with two chairs because I thought I NEEDED a table to sit and eat at. Guess what? I never once sat it. I hate to say it but I eat in front of the TV or I can sit in the sitting area(another novel idea) and eat there. Hell people in bachelor/studio apartments don’t have the luxury of separate spaces for all activities. Whatever works for me is my what it will be from now on.

      I am loving my almost empty room. And no couch means that Tyler and his girlfriend cannot be all over each other when watching a movie:)

  3. I’m with you – Get the furniture that works for you and that you like – I put a wicker love seat and chair in my small living room in my trailer (10 X 55) and it looks great. Got them from Craigslist for next to nothing. And Jantango I like your last sentence “a friend asked what are you going to buy to fill up the space” When you said nothing I just rolled in the aisle laughing! Why in heaven’s name do we have to FILL UP space – I like openess and less clutter with less furniture and stuff. Happy New year to all!!!

  4. I like couches for lounging on – Reading a book, watching a movie, taking a nap, cuddling. I wouldn’t find it comfortable to do any of that from a chair. But like the others said, to each their own!

  5. I’m with everyone else, whatever works for you! We have a couch, it’s a beautiful sectional. I paid the full $1000 for it 4 years ago. It fills the living room perfectly, the taupe colour is gorgeous in the living room & it has held up ok. The reality is… We socialize in the kitchen while the dogs sleep on the COVERED couch!! I wish I had spent the money on a more comfortable dining set now. *face palm*
    If you are content with two chairs then go with that, I’m also a fan of bean bag chairs 🙂

  6. But….we’ve been told our whole lives we ‘should’ have a couch, chair, coffee table and two end tables. Yikes!! you are ruining our world by not conforming 🙂

  7. I have a friend who moved his sofa out of this livingroom – I think he wanted more space for yoga. Instead, he bought a bunch of very large cushions and a few blankets. Whenever he wants to watch tv, he brings out these big cushions and people lay down on the floor with a cup of tea or a bowl of popcorn. This works tremendously well. When my sofa(s) eventually wear out, I may do this. People who come over to hang out usually do so in the kitchen – standing around with a drink, etc.

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