The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.
–Vince Lombardi

How To Achieve Anything

So another year has come to an end. How was 2013 for you? Like most people maybe you had some successes that you can look back on and celebrate. Maybe there were a few moments that you would rather sweep under the rug and not think about too much.

That is certainly true for me.

So as I look forward into 2014, what are some things I can do to achieve more success this year in different areas of my life?

Usually when a year comes to an end you will come across success stories from various people. At the beginning of 2013 they were sitting there like the rest of us thinking of how the new year was going to be different and better. They had some things that they wanted to achieve.

And somehow they did it. They succeeded. Are they any different than you or I? Nope. They simply made a decision to make some changes in the way they lived their life and they stuck to it. That’s about it really.

Oh sure maybe they kept a journal, or put affirmations up around their place or something. But in the end it just comes down to making a choice to change and sticking with it.

Maybe you want to lose some weight, watch less television, make more money, improve your living space, start your own business, travel to a special place, be able to do a pull up, or some other goal. So what stops us from achieving these goals?

I know for me I am pretty good at making excuses. I don’t have time. It is too hard. I’m too old.

If my friends talked to me they way I talked to myself I would tell them to screw off. So I know I need to change my self talk.

The other big one for me is that I have a comfort zone and I stay well within its boundaries.

Nothing good is achieved from staying in your comfort zone. All those people you read about succeeding in something made a decision to accomplish a goal and they had to exit their comfort zone to succeed. They did it for one day. And then another and another. They just kept doing it.

It may not be easy, but it really isn’t that hard either. Does that make sense?

Here is the best article on the science of how and WHY you need to break out of your comfort zone.

Now a lot of us have jumped gung-ho into new things. “This it!” we say. “This is THE time I will make the changes necessary to make a difference.” And a few weeks later we are right back into our old routine.

Maybe the key is to take small bites. I don’t think we can do it all at once even though we may want to try. Just a small change performed every day will add up to a mountain of change in the long run.

This is what those people who have had success in 2013 have done. Repeated those small steps every day for a year.

I am not the only one who thinks that making small, super easy changes is the key.

Here is what the good folks over at PicK The Brain have to say:

If you create new habits, and make them so insanely easy that you accomplish them every time (and leave in a good mood), you’re creating what’s called a “positive snowball” in your brain.

All this means is that you’re keeping a positive mental impression of this habit. So rather than exercising for an hour on day one, exercise for five minutes. Make it so easy you laugh afterwards, like it was a joke. Make it so easy that you’re in a crazy good mood after.

The secret is to set goals so tiny that you easily reach them, and you maintain a positive mood after. That is what will continue powering you all year.

So at the end of 2014 where do you want to be? In the same place you are now? Or do you want to be in a better place? A few pounds lighter and healthier. A few more dollars tucked away. A new job. Less clutter and more organization.

Whatever you want to achieve you can. Other people do it so why not you?

Why not you indeed?

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“Live Simply”


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