Isn’t it interesting what we find to complain about here in the western world?

That we do not have enough space for all of our stuff.

That we do not have the latest gadgets or a newer car or the latest fashions.

There are truly First World Problems. FWP.

I have read that over half of the world’s population have not even used a telephone.

And we complain about not having the newest cell phone on the market.

Tens of millions of people live on 2 dollars per day. The average household income in North America is about 50,000$ and people are more in debt than ever.


Let’s face it, we are phonies. We have sold our souls. We have become prisoners.

We seem to care more about stuff than each other. We don’t even phone each other anymore to actually talk. It is just email and text messaging.

Is there anything that can be done to change this. I certainly hope so but I am not overly optimistic.

If you feel trapped and despondent over this maybe it is time to try and make some changes.

Maybe living something of a more simple, minimalist lifestyle could allow you some solace, some freedom.

Minimalist living does not mean getting rid of everything. It just means deciding for yourself what is important and eliminating everything else.

If your collection of small elephant figurines means something to you, keep it.

When you see some ad for the latest gadget you take it for what it is: Marketing tricks designed to pry your hard earned money from your bank account.

We need to start making our own decisions about how we live our lives.

We need to stop being sheep following the herd.

It may not be easy at times but you can do it. Start small. Maybe you just get rid of a few items that serve no purpose.

Perhaps you take a look at your household budget and make the decision on how you will spend your money.

It does not need to happen overnight and it can take any form it needs to for you.

Our First World Problems need to be put in perspective. They are made up problems really. Created by marketers to make us unsatisfied with our lives.

That’s it.

“Live Simply”


10 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. I would remind ourselves that even starting small is better than not starting at all. Every year, I get a little better at eliminating the “stuff” from our home, and sometimes it is not easy. I remind myself to “let it go”, and move on. And avoiding advertising is another key. Like I tell my children, “everyone wants your money, and the advertising and fancy packaging are usual more exciting than the actual product.”

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I think we have become victims of the low cost culture that we desired. We get cheap things that can’t be repaired and have to go out and buy all over again. We were told many years ago by a wise lady, to buy the best you can afford and keep it forever. We try to take this approach with most purchases, and look for items that can be repaired. We probably have more things than we need, but we have had them all for a very long time, so the footprint is small.

  3. Yes we have it all but still want more..I’m sick of it myself but I’m working on it..I have changed alot the past few years.. I’m really happy now. Little by little. Live Simple. Only I can do that.

  4. I think we must be the unhappiest of species as we seem to never be content with what we have. Obviously I’m generalising here; some of us who read blogs such as this one have stepped away from, or are in the process of stepping away from, the buy-stuff-buy-even-more-stuff mentality that has been foisted upon us (or we’ve been tricked into) for the past 50-60 years and longer. I’m not ‘playing’ the consumerist game any more.

    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” 😀

  5. We couldn’t agree more. We first learned of the phrase “first world problems” while visiting our friends in Costa Rica. That was two years ago. Since then, we’ve gone from 3,000 square feet to 450 square feet, mountains of stuff to 100 items each. We exited our big jobs, big headaches and big schedules. Now we live a “less-is-fabulous” existence and focus on loving each other. Besides, you can’t snuggle stuff. Live big, kiss often!

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