If you were to sit back and think about your life as it is right now, what words would you use to describe how things are currently?

No matter you current situation, good, or less than ideal, when is the last time you took stock of your current situation?

Are there changes that you want, or perhaps even need, to make?

Is your life:

  • calm or busy
  • organized or chaotic
  • frugal or spend
  • hectic or unhurried
  • disappointed or content
  • fulfilled or wanting
  • purposeful or directionless
  • empathetic or overly judgemental

These are just examples that I came up with off the top of my head. Now I am sure that when pressed most of us will lean toward the more optimistic of the choices. This is a good thing. We should be optimistic even during times of stress. However we should also be realistic about areas that could use some improvement.

I personally feel that a lot of us are too busy. For some reason we are conditioned to believe that the more we take on the more enriched our lives will be. I wonder how true this is? I am not saying to not do things you are passionate about. Volunteer, do hobbies that excite you, etc.

But you also have to learn how to say no. It is okay to be still and do nothing.

Take a look at the clutter in your surroundings. Are there items that you could do without and get rid of?

  • magazines
  • papers
  • books
  • anything on the kitchen counter

Pay attention to your mental chatter. How do you talk to yourself? Is it positive language?

  • How many times do you beat yourself up during the day?
  • Do you have feelings of inadequacy?
  • Are you constantly thinking critical thoughts of others?
  • How many positive thoughts do you have during the day?

How are your personal finances? Room for improvement?

  • Go to the grocery store with cash and a calculator instead of using your debit card.
  • Take inventory before going to the grocery store to avoid buying repeat items.
  • Scale back the cable.
  • Ask yourself if you really need a landline telephone.
  • Consolidate errands into one trip to save on gas.

A lot of people complain that they do not have enough time to get things done. Well again this may be your own doing if you have too many things on the go. But could you also make improvements in how you use your time?

  • Watch no more than half-an-hour of television a day.
  • Spend no more than half-an-hour each day on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How are your personal relationships? With your friends or your partner?

  • Say “I love you” and “Have a good day” to your significant other every morning.
  • Hug your significant other as soon as you see each other after work.
  • Go for a twenty minute walk together every day after dinner; hold hands.
  • Actually TALK about your day with each other. And not in front of the TV!

Life is such a gift and we all realize how damn short it can be. When asked to describe your life what words do you want to use? It is up to you to look in the mirror, kick yourself in the ass, and make the necessary changes to improve your situation.

I want to hear how you would describe your life and areas that you may want to improve? How will you do it?

Live simply


7 thoughts on “What Words Describe Your Life?

  1. I would say too busy but still content. We are transitioning to a more minimalist lifestyle, and the transition from working to retired is hectic as is the downsizing. But there is a sense of well being and contentment as each step is made. Enjoy the post, they give us pause to consider our progress each time we read one. Thanks.

  2. Wow, what a great post. I found myself grimacing as I read and answered each question…! Definitely spoke to what I have been reflecting on and you put it into the right words…. Simple questions and simple answers. If I don’t like the answers, I know exactly what to work on…

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Calm, organized and reflective ….but imperfect ..I don’t ever plan to do anything perfectly, its way too boring and pretty much impossible. But being mindful of the simple things, being self compassionate, and practising gratitude help me feel fulfilled!

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