When people think about minimalist living, they automatically think about getting rid of most of their possessions.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your life then this certainly may be a focal point to help get you started with living a more minimalist lifestyle.

You may want to get rid of clothing you no longer wear, or mementos from years gone by that are taking up space. I know that one of my projects for this coming weekend is to systematically go through each room, closet and drawer and get rid of some needless possessions.

But minimalist living can be amount more than clearing the physical clutter than can take up space.

When you make a conscious decision to live a more simple life you are deciding what is important to you. Minimalist living can apply to how you think and act as well. There are people who choose to live without a car. Some of us(me!) choose to not even own a cell phone or have a Facebook account. I choose to not have cable television. I prefer using a pen and paper for notes rather than using technology. I use a drying rack instead of a clothes dryer.

Is there more I could do to be more minimalist in my life? Certainly! I am a work in progress just like everyone else.

You do not have to cut out all of the things that you enjoy, but maybe you can embrace a more minimalist living approach to your everyday tasks.

Your turn. What are things you are doing to help you on your way to minimalist living?

“Live Simply”


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