“The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.”

Do you have this nagging feeling that your life has become a bit too cluttered?

Maybe it is the physical stuff that you have accumulated over the years. Maybe it is your commitments that keep you rushing around.

Either way, this weekend would be a perfect opportunity to embrace minimalist living.

You have to start somewhere.

Go to a room in your apartment or house and took an objective look around. Is there an abundance of clutter? Things just laying around without a defined place?

Better yet, get a friend to do this with you. We all tend to have blind spots when it comes to assessing clutter in our own living spaces. We just so used to seeing things a certain way that we just do even notice the pile of papers or clothes that never get put away or the kitchen counter that is loaded with stuff.

Yes, phone a friend to help! You can return the favor when you go to their place.

Now I know that it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Just start slowly and small if you want.

Break each room into sections. Yesterday I tackled the computer desk. There were pens, papers, a glue stick and more. Not now. It took maybe ten minutes. And I felt better afterwards.

So maybe you could start there or the kitchen counter. How does so much stuff accumulate on the counter? Clear it all off and start from scratch. Only put back what is truly needed. Or tuck away the toaster and bring it out when you need it.

Hell, ask yourself if you really need a particular item. Try to be ruthless with this question. Hopefully you can get rid of some stuff that is just taking up space.

“Keep that which is useful and beautiful. Get rid of everything else.”

Few people can say they have too little these days. It’s easy to accumulate possessions in a consumer society. While there’s nothing wrong with having stuff, you don’t want to go crazy and keep more than you can fit in your home. You also want to allow yourself some breathing room. Getting rid of your stuff accomplishes both goals.

I cannot help but feel that deep down most people know that living a materialistic or comsumerist lifestyle is just not the way to live. How much true happiness comes from material possessions?

Minimalist living can take on any form you want or need it to take.

Embrace minimalist living this weekend. The benefits you realize will probably surprise you.

“Live Simply”

Check out these minimalist living books to help you on your journey.


9 thoughts on “Embrace Minimalist Living This Weekend

  1. Long before I started looking into Simple Living I learned a “trick” it has worked for me for years.

    Every Day… Just do one thing… when it is done, count that a good day. This is not some great formal thing. It is choosing one thing to do… just ONE… then DOING it. At the end of a year that gives you almost 400 completed projects far far more than most people even dream of. And the projects are based on the reality of that day and fit the circumstances.

    Doing just one thing… like the computer desk used as an example, every day… life can change in amazing ways.

    Don’t always choose one thing that is fun, or miserable, or difficult, or new… vary it… as the day calls for. Not all of life is fun, but it need not be frivolous either.

    When I first started this… my hardest decision was choosing “WHAT?” was the one thing of that day. And that lead be to usually do nothing. As the one thing is as simple as taking a walk, or changing the oil in the car, or calling an old friend I had lost touch with… soon I found choosing the thing, was just simply living… one thing at a time.

    1. Brilliant comment. It is so true that we tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we think we need to do or accomplish that we end up doing NOTHING. I am bad for this at times. So yes, ONE THING A DAY!.

      Love this idea. Thanks for sharing it.

      Anyone else? What is the one thing you accomplished today?

    2. I like this. I tend to get overwhelmed by things to do. I make lists (usually on the Clear app, which is simplicity itself) but I tend to see the whole list, not the individual items. I need to retrain my brain and use the app to my advantage – you can prioritise the items and, when done, swipe them away one by one.

      In my journey to more a simple life and spurred on after reading a particular book, I’ve also set a personal target of getting rid of 100 things (rid of, not keeping) by the end of the year. This despite a big throw-out at the end of last year. It has me re-examining and re-assessing everything I own. Hope to break the 50-mark soon. The second 50 will be a lot tougher but will help me to learn what I really need to be happy.

    3. I like this idea, we do it as well. We try to break big jobs into their components to make it easier to motivate ourselves. We also have a plan that says we have to spend 1 hour each day on home projects. It sounds like so little, but it is this small number that sometimes makes the difference between getting started and putting the job off to the next day. More often than not, we find that we have ended up doing much more than the hour and the job is finished before we know it. We make a list and cross off each part of the job completed and we love the feeling of completing something. I often called myself a 90 percenter, most of my jobs were left 90% complete, but now they are getting finished by being able to cross them off the list and making them acheivable goals.

  2. Today I “minimized” my cube at work. Removed a lot of papers tacked to the walls, placed things in drawers and tried my best to clear off the flat surfaces. It made a big difference.

  3. We have been doing some renos on our new home and this weekend was a good time to put some of the tools away and sort out the workshop so that I can find the things I need to go on to the next phase. Too much clutter leads to mental clutter which eventually leads to nothing getting done. Small steps forward each day and we will reach our goals.

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