One of my favorite television shows is a Canadian show called Departures.

Here is the synopsis from OLN:

Ever dreamt of white water rafting in New Zealand, tearing across Canada in only 10 days or stepping on sacred ground in India? Best friends – and Brantford, Ontario, natives – Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach do just that, and more in OLN’s new original Canadian production, Departures.

Accompanied by their friend and cameraman, Andre Dupuis, Departures showcases the revelations of two travellers who strive to find themselves and new perspectives while trekking across the globe. Their experiences unfold before a moving camera and daily “diary cam” entries reveal their interpretations of the events, people and places they discover along the way.

Set against a backdrop of stunning vistas and incredible landscapes, the series chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall them on their journey. Each episode illustrates Wilson and Lukach’s personal evolution as they are pushed to their utmost limits. From hiking through the ancient ruins of Petra in Jordan, to surviving a monsoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to facing off against a professional kick boxer in Thailand, to living off the land in Cambodia, join these best friends as they challenge themselves and their attachments to home on the trip of a lifetime

There are no prizes and no contests – just real adventures with no safety net.

The cinematography is amazing. These guys are just traveling. Off the beaten path.

On a recent episode they were with a friend in his native land(I missed where they were) and the friend’s father was having a birthday. He was quite old and he had passed down the following wisdom to his son.

When you are young life is like the base of the mountain, very wide with lots of friends and people around. As you get a bit older and you are climbing the mountain, it gets a bit narrower. You probably have a few less friends around but these are close friends. This trend continues as you age. When you get to the very peak of that mountain and are close to death you probably have only one or two people around, maybe family if you are fortunate. At the very end, at death you are on your own.

Early on in life I feel that we should get out and see the world and explore and find out what we like and don’t like. There will always be time to settle down later on.

For myself I have this insatiable wanderlust. I want so badly to just travel forever and see places and do things that might actually make a difference.

The life I am living right now…As I posted yesterday, I have a good life. But in the words of Jack Nicholson,

What if this is as good as it gets?

Go to work, sleep, repeat. Everything I do, everywhere I go,I do on my own. Absolutely everything. And that is okay. I have come to terms with that.

There has to be something more. I worked tonight at 8pm so I had the day to myself. I got up and puttered around. Exercised a bit. Read some of my book. That’s it.

Spring and summer will be better, I do know that much.

But there has to be some purpose. Hell, maybe there isn’t.

Do you feel like you are holding yourself back?

What would you do if you could do anything?

Have you ever felt “stuck?”

Sound off in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Life As A Mountain

  1. “Go to work, sleep, repeat. Everything I do, everywhere I go,I do on my own. Absolutely everything. And that is okay. I have come to terms with that.”….I hear ya. But I can tell you that you can jump from an airplane, climb a cliff, or swim with the whales….it will not go away. It is just filling moments with distractions that bring short-term happiness…and still leave you waiting…still alone….still hoping….ever hoping…for what, I don’t know…but if you figure it out, please do let me know.

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