What Is Amazon Prime and is it worth it?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers certain benefits. Right now it costs 79.00$ per year but as of April 17th the cost is going up to 99$ per year. It should be noted that there is a family share option where you can split the cost with other people.

You get free 2-day shipping, unlimited instant streaming of over 41000 movies and TV episodes, over 350000 Kindle titles to borrow for free.

You may find that you benefit from the service if you purchase items from Amazon 10-20 times per year, average under $25 per order, and care about getting your stuff in less than a week. You’ll also benefit if you want to pay for Amazon’s alternative to Netflix—Amazon Instant Streaming—which they include as a membership benefit. As a result, you get two very different services that make it difficult to assess Prime’s actual value. In the end, you’ll find the service worth it if either benefit proves even remotely useful to you.

You have to really decide which Amazon service is going to be most useful to you. Amazon has so many services it seems a bit hard to do the math.

You can set up regular shipping for products that you use regularly. The Subscribe and Save Program allows you to subscribe for shipments of toothpaste, laundry detergent, dog food or anything else!

There is even an Amazon service for moms!

If you order from Amazon 10-20 times per year and opt for expedited shipping a couple of times, you’ll break even if you get Amazon Prime . If you opt for expedited shipping always, or even most of the time, you’ll save a lot of money. In the end, it comes down to how fast you want your stuff. If you can’t wait a week, Prime’s shipping benefits more than pay for themselves.

Amazon Prime Instant Streaming

Cable companies are getting smarter about how they offer their online content. A lot of networks are now making you have a cable subscription in order to login online to view content that previously was completely free. Sneaky, sneaky.

This is why you may want to try Netflix or Amazon Prime as an alternative and say screw you to the cable company.

Netflix charges a monthly fee of $7.99 per month, which comes out to $95.88 per year. Amazon Prime costs $79 per year(99$ as of April 17th!), which comes out to about $6.58 per month. Forgetting the nice shipping benefits you get with Prime, you still pay less for Amazon’s streaming services than you would with Netflix. If both services had the same library of options, you could justify a Prime membership in an instant. Things get a little more complicated because Prime lets you stream some content but Amazon’s video-on-demand (VOD) service charges you per episode.

Netflix wins on content by a long shot. They have exclusive access to a variety of popular shows—albeit some time after they air. That said, Amazon’s catching up. Downtown Abbey, a previous Netflix exclusive, now streams on Amazon to Prime members for free. Both offer original content, and both services received an Emmy for their efforts, but Netflix’s own programming tends to gain more press and popularity due to the revival of cult hits like Arrested Development and providing an outlet for established talent (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black). While Prime may suffer somewhat on content, its constant growth may level the playing field in the next year or two.

Ultimately it is your own needs that will dictate whether you decide to try Amazon Prime for yourself. If you want quicker shipping and you want to use there streaming service, then sure, give it a try. Like Netflix, there is a
free 30 day trial .

Do any of you subscribe to Amazon Prime? If yes, how do you find it?

How about the Subscribe and Save program?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


8 thoughts on “Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Price Hike Is Coming.

  1. I use Amz Prime to get my packages faster. However since I purchase less since I am working towards minimalism, I’m not sure it will be worth it. I also use Netflix and in my book, Amz doesn’t hold a candle to what Netflix offers! And I have virtually stopped watching regular cable TV (cut my subscription down to “basic” and only watch the boob tube during dinner to catch the news. I have to say I am a Netflix slut and if someone took my TV’s away, I probably wouldn’t care!

  2. One of the ways that we were able to minimize was to take an internet plan with a data cap. Because of this we don’t spend much time online and most of the benefits of Amazon Prime would be wasted on us. As a side note, some people have been telling us that they took a trial period of Amazon Prime and were billed for the full amount before the trial was over, so be careful of free trials. Keep up the good posts.

  3. I haven’t decided if we will keep Prime or not. Not necessarily because of the price hike… after all, it’s only $20 and has it’s benefits, but partially because I don’t shop on Amazon nearly as much as I used to. When I do, it’s saved me hundreds on shipping. I even bought a dog kennel, one of the massive back yard ones, with Prime free second day shipping. That one alone probably paid for a year of prime LOL We do not have TV, we use Netflix and Amazon for our entertainment and, I agree, it’s still WAY cheaper than cable…. even with that extra $20 added.

    1. I would also like to add that I have been a prime member for 6 or 7 years now. If you are debating getting it, it’s worth the cost. Between the free movies, the free shipping, and the lending library for kindle… you get your money’s worth.

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