A Great, Moving Quote To Start The Day

Hope you enjoy this moving quote as much as I did. Thanks AS;)

You are magnificent beings, in the perfect place at the perfect time, unfolding perfectly, never getting it done, and never getting it wrong. Be more playful about all of it. “Today, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I am doing, and no matter who I’m doing it with — it is my dominant intent to look for that which I’m wanting to see. I’m wanting to find thoughts and words and actions that feel good while I’m finding them. For in doing so, I am, in the moment, practicing the art of allowing all that I’ve been telling the Universe I’m wanting, for all of the days of my existence

—Abraham Hicks

About Mark Lowe

https://twitter.com/MarkKLowe My name is Mark Lowe. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my teenage son. I write lots of words. Sometimes they make sentences. I like to travel so I am going to sell all my crap and wander the earth. Want to join me? "Live Simply."
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3 Responses to A Great, Moving Quote To Start The Day

  1. Great advice…fills me with happy this morning.

  2. Scottie D. says:

    I’ll work on that today..needed that advice,,thanks

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