“Canned Hunts”.

Hmmm, what is this you ask? A new canned food perhaps?

Nope. It is the staged hunting and killing of various exotic species of animals,often hosted on South African reserves, where visitors pay a mint to bag something exotic — if you can call animals that were raised by humans specifically for the hunt exotic.


Once again I say that we have lost our way as a species.

I have nothing against hunting for food.

But this is shameful.


According to Animal Shame, an organization that collects and posts these ‘trophy’ pictures on Facebook, the giraffe was eating from a tree at the time of slaughter. And it had probably been drugged prior to the…the what?? The hunt? This is done to ensure “maximum killibility”.


‘It takes no skill or strength for “trophy” hunters – what a ghastly term! – to track down and kill these beautiful animals. Having been hand-reared by humans, they are accustomed to our presence. Heartbreakingly, it’s not uncommon for animals to trot trustingly toward canned hunters for a handout of food. Because these animals are usually kept in fenced enclosures (ranging in size from just a few square yards to thousands of acres), they never stand a chance of escaping, fighting back or surviving, and many endure prolonged, painful deaths.’

-Mimi Bekhechi The Independent

It seems that people who are so bored with life and have money to burn will pay to do just about anything. Why not use the money to help people or animals in need?

Killing animals in a staged hunt.


I just don’t get it.

Screw it. I’ll say it. Maybe these “hunters” should become the hunted. How much would people pay to hunt a human?

Surviving The Game

Let me know what you think about this in the comments.

“Live Simply”


17 thoughts on “I Cried When I Read This

  1. I don’t have the words to express my reaction to those pictures. Not anger but maybe a deep injury to my soul, or perhaps the collective soul of the universe.

  2. This has become a huge media issue here in South Africa recently, especially after a female America Media personality placed a pic of herself and ‘her lion’ on FB. South Africans went nuts – which is hopeful. There are complications though – one of the arguments for canning is that the funds earned are often used to for further conservation – I struggle with this as i suspect there is a huge discrepency between earnings spent on conservation and earnings spent on luxury lifestyles of the hunting sect rich and famous. Also, these animals – especially the lions are bred in popular (and fast growing ) ‘lion parks’ – a fun animal / educational experience where you can go and stroke and / or have your photo taken with a cutie pie baby cub. What people are not doing is connecting the dots….supporting these parks is effectively the same as supporting canning. Honourless indeed, the whole bang shoot of it!

  3. This left a pit in my stomach that will take hours to recover from. Intense feelings of sadness (for animals) and disgust (for humans) are prevalent right now. Surely this is illegal?

  4. There has been a huge debate in our local papers about canned hunts locally. There are some people who hand rear deer and let people come to their little reserve and kill them. The deer don’t know that people are bad, they’ve always been fed by people, handled by people, etc. They say that this is a multi billion dollar business around the US. Sickening. Going to Africa to hunt these beautiful animals sickens me. I understand hunting, heck, I hunt myself (all part of being self sufficient), but to kill just for the sake of KILLING. Sickening. I am sort of afraid to hear the story that is worse than this.

  5. This is heartbreaking….these people can’t be human…..this hurts me to the core….these people should be the ones hunted as they eat food!!!

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