This post may be all over the place so consider yourself warned:)

I blog about living a minimalist lifestyle. About having less stuff and spending less money on useless items that we do not really need.

But I suspect that if you were to come to my place you would not consider me someone that actually practices what he preaches when it comes to minimalist living.

I have way more than what I need.

I have clothes that I do not wear.

I have items that sit unused.

I have too much.

Is this the life of a minimalist? I think not.

I want to get rid of it all. I know that this is not practical. Or at least I think it isn’t practical. Why do I feel the need to hold on to various items that really have no purpose?

Is it conditioning by our society or the media that says that “more is better”?

Here in the Western world we are conditioned to believe that we were born to consume, to endlessly use and discard natural resources, other species, gadgets, toys, and often, each other. The most highly prized freedom is the right to shop.

And all this stuff that we buy is, more often than not, made in a factory by someone making 50.00$ dollars per month.


So if I am not part of the solution, am I part of the problem?

Is this really the point of life? Is this why I am here? To acquire useless material goods?

I hope not.

Maybe there is no point to life. I am not writing that to be morbid or anything.

It is just that we are here for such a short time and we spend so much time racing around, worrying about this or that and actually just making life harder than it really needs to be.

Why does there seem to be a struggle to find balance, peace, and happiness?

Do dolphins or cows or insects worry or think about this? Probably not. So why do we struggle with this so much?

A lot of us race and chase, all so that we can maybe make more money, have more success, be more attractive, buy a bigger house or a nicer car and hopefully be happier in some distant future when we hit some superficial and randomly selected target.

I feel that all of the bullshit put forth my marketing firms and the media are really just empty promises designed to make you part with your money.

So many of us have anxiety and some form of depression. Maybe we are just failing to recognize that out mind and body is telling us to wake the hell up!! What we are doing and the way we are living isn’t really working for us anymore.

We have sold our souls in meaningless jobs so that we can make a living. Working paycheck to paycheck.

Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets People Share On Their Deathbed

I made over 45000.00$ last year. Not bad really. How much do I have in my actual savings account right now? About 3000.00$. Yes more was put into my retirement accounts but where the hell does the rest of the money all go?

So much of it is frittered away on useless junk. Does it make me feel better to do this? Not really. In fact, I think I feel worse after spending money as I know that what I bought wasn’t really needed.

I am 43. Half of my life is probably over. What have I accomplished? What have I done that is meaningful?

At the end of all this craziness, if I were to have a tombstone what would it say? “Here IS Mark. He bought useless crap.”

The world is such an amazing place. There is so much beauty.

We are all going to die. Life is finite. When it’s over, it’s over.

Am I living? Or just existing?

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“Live Simply”


11 thoughts on “Minimalist Living. The Way Back To A Good Life.

  1. You are doing it by addressing it and dealing with it. One of the mistakes we make in life ( I believe) is trying to go big – often this just wears us down. Rather develop a lifestyle of ‘concious thought and doing’ around minimalist living. You have said this yourself many times. Start with a draw or a cupboard and throw out / give away stuff. It is ongoing. I find that every three months or so I feel less attached to certain items then I was three months back and now ready to let go. Trying to suddenly do it all at once is just going to get you down. You have to keep doing it – part of the routine of your life – inbetween doing other activities that help you appreciate life – nature hikes, quality family time etc…you do this too! I know i am not saying anything that you don’t already know as this is your wisdom. Sometimes things just get a little out of focus and we simply have to pull ourselves back onto the path. You walk this path – from my humble perspective – and continue to remind me about the kind of lifestyle I aspire too. So thank you 🙂 Hope your Sunday is amazing!

  2. I get in that same rut sometimes, too. I can tell you what my husband often says to me, “The only way to do it is just get up and do it.” It even helps once in a while!

  3. Awesome post! I love that paragraph at the end that is just two short sentences: “The world is such an amazing place. There is so much beauty.”

    And I think the purpose of life is simply to enjoy it. But to truly be in joy with our lives requires a lengthy process of discarding what isn’t ours, i.e. beliefs instilled in us by our parents and by society, and coming into alignment with what brings true happiness. Anything else in life is simply a cycle between excitement and pain.

    Thanks for the writing!

  4. One theory I have about “why we are here” is that we are here simply to experience life and feel emotion. The act of being and living fulfills that life purpose. I like the simplicity of that notion.

    As far as being minimalist. I feel the same way sometimes, like I still have too much, yet I also know that I have much less then most of my friends and family. I aim for a type of minimalism that works for me. I’m not living with just a robe and a bowl, but I try to not have too much extra.

  5. Hi Mark. I have been following your blog for a while now & by far this is probably your most depressing. Don’t be depressed. You have put in so much to live a minimalist life & it’s ok to let things be as it is once in a while. We all know we are in for the long haul when we choose to go down this path & sometimes, the ‘want’ overwhelmed your ‘capacity’. I will always take a break whenever that happens. Do something else. Clear your mind & you will be back on track soon.

    The world needs more minimalist. Not more consumers.

  6. You’re looking for a purpose right? Consider this: I NEVER read, followed, or responded to blogs until I stumbled upon yours. You have summed up my thoughts on the subject perfectly. If you want to know what your tombstone could say, how about “Here lies a man who reached and influenced countless lives and made them better” … How’s that for living a purposeful life?? Please keep on sending your thoughts- they matter.

    1. Wow. Thanks very much for this comment. I guess what I am getting at is that “we” just seem to plod along at times. And for what?

      Lately actually I have been feeling so much better about my life. Just realizing that most of the crap that I worry about just does not really matter at all:)

      Thanks again!

  7. Mark- this is a good food for thought – we all carry too much weight and hold on to things for no certain reason – I have two children and a husband and there is way too much in my house – slowly I am getting rid of everything we don’t need – causes many emotions in my family – they want to hold on to everything – don’t be too hard on yourself – you are on the right path..

  8. i dont think this post is depressing and i agree that addressing it is the 1st step. you are mentally aware…now comes emotional clarity. 40 is about when i did my 1st *radical* ‘çleanse’. 🙂 you will arrive; we know this because you are on your way. a thought-provoking post!

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