What does it mean to live paycheck to paycheck? I have a feeling that a lot of us know the answer to that question.

If you missed one paycheck essentially you would be screwed. Right now you have just enough to pay your bills and that is about it. If there should arise some type of emergency or unexpected expense you would be hard pressed to find the funds to cover it.

And there it begins. You put of paying one bill to pay another. And so on and so on. Before you know it you are behind on a few bills and just can’t seem to get caught up on payments.

Sound familiar?

How many of you have been there? It is a terrible feeling knowing that you have more month left than money. It causes a lot of stress and I am sure a fair amount of arguing between couples.

How does this even happen? Where does it start, this bad relationship with money?

I could write some stuff here about creating a budget, about tracking your expenses and other money saving tips.

I could also suggest that you need to increase your income and reduce your expenses.

Good advice to be sure.

But I have a feeling that a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck because they just don’t like themselves.

Whoa. What did he say?

That’s right. Maybe, just maybe, it is the fact that you do not like yourself or the life that you have created for yourself that has you stuck in this particular feedback loop.

You think that it has pretty much always been this way so it is pretty much always going to be this way.

Now I am not suggesting that you should not look at creating a budget or track expenses and all that other stuff.

Hell maybe you have done some of those things. How did it work out for you? Same as that new healthy eating plan? Lasted about a week and then it was right back to the same old, same old eh?

I’ve been there believe me.

If you don’t learn to like yourself I am not sure any attempt at getting your financial shit together is going to last.

So why don’t you like yourself? I am not sure I can answer that question for you. Only you can do that.

Low self-esteem. Physical appearance. A job that is not fulfilling. The list goes on.

We care what others think about us way too much. Or rather what we think they are thinking.

You are giving other people way too much power.

Learning to like yourself is no easy task. I struggle with this as well at times but I am making progress.

You look how you look. Your skills are your skills. Your job is your job. Now certainly all of things can be changed if you want to change them. But would you still have that feeling that others are thinking about you in some way? Probably.

What it boils down to maybe is that you have to earn your own self respect.

Are you essentially a good person who has compassion for others and for the planet? If so then who gives a shit about what others think? What do they know? Not a damn thing.

Judge yourself on the quality of your character first. That is all that really matters.

People grow older and one’s physical appearance may diminish. Skills may fade. But your true character is still there.

Try this experiment: think right now of your favorite person and ask yourself, what is it about them that attracts you the most? Odds are it isn’t their physical appearance or their accomplishments but rather their magnanimous spirit; the way they treat others. This is the key quality that makes people likable, even to themselves.

Treating others well, it turns out, is the fastest path to a healthy self-esteem. If you dislike yourself, stop focusing on your negative qualities. We all have negative qualities. There’s nothing special about your negativity, I promise you. Focus instead on caring for others. Because the more you care about others, I guarantee the more in turn you’ll be able to care about yourself and this will allow you to get your life together a bit more.

And this in turn will allow you to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

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“Live Simply”


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