So many choices every day! And even the smallest of decisions may end up having an impact on your future!

Ultimately all of these minute choices add up to define who we are as a person.

Sounds kind of crazy but it is true.

Watch this cool video and tell me what you think!


One thought on “Every Choice Matters. Watch This!

  1. This video is so cool. I’ve watched it twice now. Very though provoking.
    Last night I had a discussion with my daughter about a job offer in a far away state. It’s a big decision that I know will have huge follow on effects on her life as the years go by. She has a great boy friend. What happens if they break up? No wonderful son-in-law and grand kids.
    All of our little decisions every day effect us in ways we can never really know. We can’t possibly deal with all of these decisions on the profound level or we would go crazy.
    What to have for lunch should not be considered in light of it’s life changing possibilities. But taking your first job out of college is a big decision and the life changing possibilities are obvious.
    I’m so happy that i was able to help her understand why she was selected for this great job and how it will work out for her.
    I don’t think I’ll show her this video. Not yet.
    Cheers – Andy

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