How To Do Minimalist Living 


Have you been thinking about adopting more simple mindset toward the way you live your life?

Have you grown tired of the hurried and frenetic pace of life? The constant rushing around trying to keep up with demands?

Do your physical possessions actually bring meaning, purpose, fulfillment, or lasting joy into your life? A lot of people realize that they are actually being distracted from experiencing the joy of life because of their material goods.

Making the transition to minimalist living can be easier than you think. I have been trying to live a minimalist lifestyle for the better part of 6 years now, and I feel that I am a better person because of it.

I know that I have less stress than a lot of people. I am also able to save more money because of minimalist living.

Here Are 8 Steps To Minimalist Living

1. Understand why you want to live a more minimalist lifestyle.
Do you want less physical clutter? Are you trying to save money and pay down consumer debt? Do you want to be able to slow down and just enjoy life more? Minimalist living can help with all of the areas.

2. Start small.
Just go to one room, maybe your bedroom. This is supposed to be a calm space. Is there clutter or unneeded items? Clear the room and only bring back what is absolutely necessary. How does it feel to have a clear and uncluttered space? If you like it then you can move on to other areas. This not going to be done in a week or even a month. You are in it for the long haul.

3. Turn off the television.
I enjoy a few shows and I do not feel bad about that. The problem may not be in the entertainment but in the advertisements. Every commercial is carefully designed to make you feel that your life is not up to par so you need this product to make it better. Bullshit. Do not buy into the marketing hype machine.

4. Learn to say no.
This isn’t easy for a lot of people. They have come to identify with always being on the go. Hell some people I know wear it as a badge of honor. “Busy, busy,: they say. Personally, I enjoy not have much to do. I have time for myself. Time to walk, to read, to go to the beach. Minimalist living has made this possible. Say no to new requests and demands of your time.

5. Examine your finances.
Minimalist living for a lot of people is a way to get control of their spending. Track everything you spend for a week(or longer if you can) to get an idea of where your money is going. This will open your eyes. “30.00$ on coffee!!” Sit down and write out your fixed expenses. Rent/mortgage, utilities, loan payments, insurance, child care, taxes.
Variable expenses are the ones that you make move up or down. Can you use coupons to save on groceries? Can you carpool or bike or walk to work to save on gas. You have to look for areas where you can save money.

6. Examine your internal reasons for shopping.
Are you bored? Feeling lonely? Are you just trying to keep up with your sister or neighbor who went out and bought something new? Minimalist living is about living with less and understanding that we just do not need all of the stuff we are told we must have.

7. Continually reassess your reasons and motivation for choosing minimalist living.
How far you go with living a minimalist lifestyle is up to you. Want to get rid of everything and just travel? Go for it. Or maybe you just happier with having less clutter and more time to spend with your family. It is your minimalist lifestyle. Make it whatever you want and need it to be.

8. Read about Minimalist Living.
You do have to reinvent the wheel. Others have changed their lives with minimalist living and have written bestselling books on the topic of living a minimalist lifestyle. You can find lots of inspiration from any of the minimalist living books on this list.

I strongly believe that minimalist living will bring more joy, more happiness, more time and more money into your life.

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“Live Simply”


7 thoughts on “Minimalist Living In 8 Steps

    1. Yes with minimalist living and decluttering you have to start small. Heck even clearing a kitchen counter top is a good start and that way you can see and feel your success. This will help to keep you going! Thanks for commenting!

  1. I tried the one room at a time thing last summer. I only got to a few rooms but I did move out some junk, and we can walk around in the garage now!
    I’m so busy working on my business this summer I havn’t had a moment to think about it.
    A friend’s son has an un-paid internship this year. He was loving all of the great coffee in Boston until he ran out of money and asked his mom for some cash. When she realized what he needed the money for she reminded him that his mother and father make their coffee at home and don’t waste their money at Starbucks.
    She was a little upset, but I told her that her son was learning a valuable life lesson.

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