How To Get Unstuck With Minimalist Living

A lot of people feel a bit stuck during certain times in their lives. All of those hopes and dreams of a few years ago and faded and now life just seems to be one big jumble of go here, go there, do this,  do that, rinse and repeat. Before you know it you are overwhelmed with all of the demands life is putting on you.

Sound familiar. Trust me you are not alone. How can we push through this and get our lives back on track.

How did it get to be this way? One of the reasons may be that for most of your life you were told that things had to be done a certain way. You, like most people, believed what you were told. our life and figuring out what is truly important to you.

It is time to Change The Code. That means you have to change your programming and start examining your life and figuring out what is truly important to you.


Minimalist Living

I would suggest that taking a look a living a more minimalist lifestyle is a good place to start.

Let me be clear: In most cases it is not your life that sucks. It is that we have also forgotten to be grateful for what we do have.

There is no hard and fast rule to what minimalist living is. For me it is about understanding what is important. Excess material possessions are not a priority for me. I choose to live simply and not spend money hand over fist on stuff. I do have a television but I do not have cable. I do not have a cell phone.

Take a look at Minimalist Living in 8 Steps if you need a kick start on how to make it work for you.

Minimalist Living Means More Freedom

The accumulation of stuff is like an anchor, it ties us down. We are always terrified of losing all of our ‘stuff’. Let it go and you will experience a freedom like never before: freedom from debt, obsession and overworking and stress.

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With minimalist living, happiness comes more naturally from within as you gravitate towards the things that matter most. You clearly see the false promises in all the clutter.

Are you feeling stuck because of a job you dislike? Maybe you could consider leaving. Find a career and environment that you love – the risk involved in quitting the job you loathe is much lower when you don’t have a mountain of monthly payments to worry about. That’s the fun side of minimalist living.

You have to realize that it is time to become self reliant. You need to look after your own life and make healthy choices that will lead you on a purposeful and fulfilling path. Maybe this means not living a life based on what others expect of you. Yes you have responsibilities and commitments. That is fine. Carving out time for you is important as well.

I in in my mid 40’s. I live in a small town in a smallish minimalist apartment. Thanks to living a minimalist lifestyle my life is spectacular. I live life on my terms.

Minimalist living allows a person to actually enjoy life without worry about accumulating material possessions just for the sake of keep up appearances. I am able to travel as well and do some volunteering in other parts of the world. Would these options exist if I had a huge mortgage and loan payments on a bunch of stuff? It certainly would not be as easy.

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Minimalist living will help keep you grounded. You want your life to be about experiences, not possessions. When you die you do not want people to have to go through rooms of stuff and try to decide what the hell to do with it all.

I truly believe that living a simple, more minimalist lifestyle is one of the keys to Changing The Code and living a life that you are happy with.


At times getting unstuck may not seem easy but minimalist living can be a great place to start.

Do you feel stuck in life? Please comment and please share this post.


“Change The Code. Change Your Life”

2 thoughts on “Get Unstuck With Minimalist Living

  1. Very true! A few months back I decided to leave a job I hated and take one that I actually like, even though I’d be earning half as much. I was able to do this thanks to living simply and keeping my expenses low. Simple living = freedom 🙂

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