I have a bit of a hard time with people whom I consider to be closed minded. Now I do understand that they are the way they are for various reasons.

I try to be open minded and examine various points of view and then draw my own conclusions based on what I have read.

I use this information to then do what works for me.

Not everyone agrees with minimalist living and that is fine. If those folks what to buy stuff and watch television all the time that is certainly their choice.

Not everyone agrees with running as a form of exercise. And that is fine.

It is the same with anything.

A few days ago I posted a healthy shopping list on a budget.

In that post I expressed that I try to follow a Paleo lifestyle. It is what works for me.

Guess what? Some people think that I am crazy and that I must be the unhealthiest person on the face of the planet.

And that is fine. They are entitled to their opinions.

All I know is that when I eat grains I feel ill. I am sluggish.

There are people who choose to not eat meat for a number of reasons and that is fine. This is their choice.

And of course they would claim that there is science to back them up in that eating meat in unhealthy.

Science can be made to say whatever you want it to say.

See some facts. Choose to ignore others.

And maybe that is true of the Paleo lifestyle as well.

All I know is that I feel better when I follow a Paleo lifestyle. That is all.

I draw your attention to Alexandra Jamieson. She was the then girlfriend of Morgan Spurlock who did the Supersize Me documentary about eating all McDonald’s food.

She was a very famous vegan. And then something happened. She kind of felt that she needed some meat in her diet.

You can read about her decision here.

It is a fascinating account of a long time vegan who listened to her body instead of her thoughts.

Of course a lot of closed minded people skewered her. Never mind that it was her choice to try eating meat to see how she felt from a health and performance perspective.

All I am trying to get at is that what works for one person certainly may not work for someone else.

And that is okay.

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5 thoughts on “Is It Possible That There Is More Than One Way Of Doing Things?

  1. The Paleo diet is certainly a lot healthier than the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet. If you feel good eating that way, then by all means keep eating that way!

  2. The process of eating requires calorie burn. Raw vegetables take longer to process, ergo requires more calories to process and slows overall absorption. And eating raw vegetables means more vitamins and more fiber. So yeah, that has merit.

  3. Hurray for open mindedness and reviewing the options to do what is best for you. I’m the same way, we sold our 4 bedroom house and downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment because it worked better for us. Many think we are crazy to do that, but it freed up a lot of time and money for us to do things that are more rewarding to us than yard work.

    In diet, I find that our bodies often tell us what we need, but we often ignore it.

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