Minimalist living has been my way of living for a few years now.

It has helped me in a number of ways.

I have managed to live on a single income while raising a teenage son and we have a good life.

I have no consumer debt. I do not have a cell phone.

I have made it a habit to think before I spend money. Do I really need the item I am considering purchasing?

But now more than ever minimalist living is going to need to help.

As some may have read I do not have a job right now.

It is not a fun place to be mentally.

That being said, I do believe that everything does happen for a reason.

I have an education degree and am a good communicator and a quick learner. I have things to offer.

I have been doing everything I should be doing over the past two days to keep my spirits up and to try and find employment.

But now more than ever I will need to be frugal and resourceful.

I cannot imagine going through this and having a huge mortgage payment and credit card bills that need to be paid.

My heart does go out to people who are in that situation.

Let me ask you this question: How would you handle losing your job?

How stressful would it be for you? Do you have some money put aside for just such a situation?

How long do you think it would take you to find a new job?

Not having a job is stressful but it certainly does give a person time(lots of time!) to think about what is really important.

For me I need to pay rent and feed my son. Nothing else matters.

So minimalist living is keeping me going. If I start to feel a bit anxious about not having a job I remember to breathe and keep calm.

There are jobs out there. I just need to make it known that I am looking which I have started to do.

And I also remind myself that things could always be worse. There are people out there that are dealing with situations that are a lot worse than mine.

I am going to post my resume right here to this blog. Any suggestions to make it better are appreciated. The initial cover letter is generic in nature as I am planning on handing some out in the next few days. Something like 90% of jobs are filled without being advertised.

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Here is my resume. Please give me some feedback. I really want to get a job ASAP. Thank you.

October 8, 2014
Mark Lowe
18C Empire Street
Bridgewater, NS
B4V 2L3

Please find enclosed my CV in application for ( ).

You will find that the nature of my education, combined with my training and work experience has prepared me for a position with your company.

I am passionate about helping people to succeed and enjoy working with many different types of people.

Co-workers have mentioned that I possess leadership qualities and am an excellent team player.

I enjoy public speaking, training and resolving problems through the development and implementation of creative measures. I am a fast learner, with a keen eye for detail.

I am able to take on the responsibility of a position immediately, and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future to discuss how I would be an asset with your organization.


Mark Lowe

Mark Kenneth Lowe
18C Empire Street, Bridgewater, NS


To obtain a position where I can maximize my interpersonal skills, utilize my educational background, implement program and policy development, and provide quality customer service with a forward thinking organization.


Results-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional, with a successful record of accomplishments with a variety of organizations. Superior interpersonal skills gleaned from self-employment. Training and education background with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Major strengths include:
• strong leadership and management skills, excellent communication skills, strong team player; public speaking, training skills
• trouble shooting and problem solving, attention to detail, dutiful respect for compliance in regulated environments
• Supervisory skills including hiring, termination, scheduling, training, payroll and other
administrative tasks. Experience with licensing and registration and Motor Vehicle Act legislation in regards to driver licensing as Former owner of Young Drivers of Canada Driving School

As owner of the Young Drivers of Canada Driving School in Truro and Amherst NS from 1998-2008.

Trained and assisted employees with proper instruction techniques. Achieved business growth from 100 annual students in 1998 to 500 annual students in 2008.

Provided daily operational support and review for all staff of educational accountability as it relates to government regulatory requirements in a driving school environment.
Managed budget review process.

Provided excellent customer service, intervention/problem resolution, lesson planning, scheduling, Quality Control, Payroll, and Special Course implementation.
Participated in management team process to develop vision and mission statements.

Management Philosophy

It is no longer enough for employees to simply “embrace” change: continuous improvement must become a way of doing business, where people actively seek improvements, and where systems and processes support and drive initiative. Trust is the key. The work environment must be such that people work without fear, within a culture that encourages pride in both personal and organizational accomplishments.


Operator – Michelin North America, Bridgewater, NS. 2011-2014

Responsible for operation of wire descaling and wire draw machinery. Trouble shooting and problem solving problems with machinery. Communication with team workers regarding changes in wire. Communication with management regarding issues/production levels. Recognized for maintaining above average production levels.
Relief Shift Process Leader – Michelin North America, NS

The SPL is the go to person on shift for all issues regarding the production process in all departments. They are also responsible for reporting of all incidents, coordinating workforce personnel during unplanned absences, creation of shift production reports. The SPL is responsible for the resolution and prioritizing of product flow between departments.

Teacher – South Shore Regional School Board 2008-2010

Responsible for instructing students, record keeping, lesson planning, preparing and attending parent/ teacher conferences, coaching various sports teams, attending staff meeting and teacher professional development conferences.

Owner /Operator — Young Drivers of Canada Driving School 1998-2007

Responsible for day to day operation of running a small business. Management of 5 staff members. Provided both classroom and in-car instruction to new and experienced drivers. Communicating with government officials regarding regulatory changes.


Bachelor of Education, Nova Scotia Teachers College, 1993
Major: Social Studies – Junior High

Driver Training Instructor Training: Young Drivers of Canada, 1995

Business and Management Training: Young Drivers of Canada, 1998

References Available Upon Request


4 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Minimalist Living Right Now

  1. I would say how many years experience you have. Prospective employers want to know. So instead of saying “Results-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional, with a successful record of accomplishments with a variety of organizations” I would say (and bullet it – be succinct!):

    Goal-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional (Professional WHAT> What are you? How do you see yourself?
    15+ (or whatever) years experience [doing X, Y and Z]
    Strong interpersonal skills gleaned from self-employment. (“Superior” didn’t sound friendly or team-oriented to my ear, maybe that’s just me?)
    Bachelor of Education degree (insert majors or fields of study i.e. Maths, English, whatever)
    Relevant software skills (Miscrosoft, Adobe software that might be relevant to jobs you’re applying for)

    Basically, this is the “brief” of your CV. If you don’t grab a prospective employer’s attention here, you’ve lost your chance. Make it exciting, snappy, to the point,

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Good luck with the job search, I hope you find a job that suits you and pays well too.

    I’ve read that the objective statement is rather outdated. You might consider removing that.

    When you send the cover letter, make sure you customize it for the job. You might consider customizing the resume also. When I was job hunting I changed my resume to highlight different aspects of my career to appeal to that specific position.

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