I apologize in advance for the tone that this post may take. The avenue it may go down. And also I should apologize for being away for so long. I am not sure why I have not posted in such a long time. I suppose it is a combination of factors. I have sat down with keyboard in hand and drawn a blank on more than one occasion.

Spring is finally here in Nova Scotia. There are a few snow banks hanging around but they will be gone soon. Some people have even started some lawn care, which is good to see happening.

Things on my end have been a bit of a roller coaster. I have been substitute teaching a few days per week on average and would really like to do more of this. It is a good paying “job”, but can be a bit sporadic at times.

I do look at other job posting but I am either grossly under qualified or somewhat over qualified for jobs that are out there. In this area of small town Nova Scotia, a lot of the jobs are minimum wage or just a bit more. Hard to make a go of it on 12 dollars an hour.

I am a good teacher. I enjoy asking students questions and making them think. I like it. I just want there to be more of it.

With spring and summer I will be doing some lawn care for people which I also love doing.

So I am feeling a bit lost and my anxiety is through the roof the past few days. I am hoping that writing about it will help to alleviate the anxiety somewhat.

Is anyone out there also feeling a bit lost? I can’t be the only one.

I do tend to isolate myself at time, I will admit that. So my social circle and “social life” is non existent. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that this is my lot in life.

On a much more positive note I have hired a professional nutritionist/trainer to help me get my eating in order and to help me become a bit more fit. His name is Ricky Goodall and he is located in Halifax. I am very impressed with the personalized approach to nutrition I am receiving. Top notch .

You can check it all out at http://www.elevatedwellness.org/

I would love some feedback on this post. If anyone has any helpful tips in regards to anxiety, job searching, or any other advice at all, please share your thoughts with the class!

“Live Simply”

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4 thoughts on “Just Looking To Vent

  1. Hi, so I am EXACTLY where you are right now, so much in fact that I just relaunched my own blog with the theme of resetting. Going back to the gym really helped and and reading has also been incredibly comforting. I am on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance right now and it’s exactly the kind of free spirited journey my trapped soul needs. The calm me is still thankful for what I have, but the anxious me is more of a selfish drama queen so separating those two and focusing on the calm (with a heaving pile of camomile tea and goodness know what kind of Chinese herbs!) helps me to plan better and manage each day better. I think social isolation is the psychological problem of our age – facebook may talk about connecting people but the reality is that is has probably disconnected us more than any other human invention. Likes and emoticons will never satisfy our need for companionship.

    Good luck! If you can recognize the problem you can find a solution!

  2. Why did you feel the need to apologise for the tone of this post? There is nothing to apologise for when you say “I’m a bit lost…anyone else out there”? Do you feel we won’t be interested in posts that aren’t brimming with positivity? I am much more interested in your honest take on your own struggles. I also feel I isolate myself sometimes – but then as a full time teacher of adults i often feel “peopled out”. I’ve found it helps to socialise in ways that don’t involve talking – for me singing, art lessons, dancing. I enjoy people much more this way 🙂

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