So my 17 year old son Tyler, who lives with me full time is quite a kid. He is so ridiculously smart and creative it isn’t even funny.

He is very into music. Specifically rap and hip hop, but he loves ALL music.

For the past few weeks he has been involved with a local group who helps young aspiring “artists” bring their vision and art to the world. they work with mentors who can help them develop a business model and business plan.

So Tyler has gone to a recording studio and recorded his song, which is all his own. He wrote it.

Last night they had their “open house” for the public where they had their art displayed and performances were done by the people who were performers.

It was pretty spectacular.

Here is a link that explains things better than I can.


And here is Tyler’s song on Soundcloud.

Please give it a listen and maybe share it on your Facebook page.

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