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Tips to Increase Productivity

Learning how to increase productivity in your daily life is really a matter of being disciplined in regards to your habits.

And let’s be honest, we are creatures of habits.

You probably follow the same routine pretty much every day, and if that involves going down the rabbit hole of Youtube and Pinterest(yes I have done this), before you know it 3 hours have slipped by and not too much has been accomplished.

What’s a person to do?

Better Habits to Get More Accomplished

get more done

1. Get yourself into the habit of thinking about the next day the night before. What are the things you need to get done. Make a list of 5 items in order of importance, most important FIRST.

2. Get up. No snooze button for you. Just get up and even if you are not going to work, brush your teeth and get cleaned up. You just feel better. Make your bed while you’re at it.

3. Drink water. Then drink some more. Hydration is key to feeling better and flushing toxins etc. Tap water sucks. Try this instead.

4. Listen to music. I cannot live without music. I have a lawn care business and if I forget my music I am not a happy person. If it is safe and appropriate music can be a good way to get you pumped up and keep you in an upbeat mood.

5. Good headphones. Again, IF safe to use, good noise cancelling headphones can help block outside distractions and keep you focused. Best sellers here.

6. Eat healthy food. I think you know what not to eat. Veggies, healthy fats, some lean protein. I am going to do some juicing for health. Maybe you will join me.

7. Be active. Move around. Do some squats. Walk around the building or up the stairs. Gets the blood pumping and the brain kind of likes that.

8. Have your work space situated. I personally cannot function in a cluttered work space. Some claim they can. At the very least have what you need to get done at the ready.

9. Get rid of distractions. Set you phone to silent(mine is in the other room right now), close social media tabs, no email checking except at certain times of day.

So there you have it. Just a few ideas on how to improve productivity in your daily life.

Do you have any habits that you find increase productive? Please share with us in the comments below, it’s always great to be able to trade tips for success.

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