What are some ways to save money?

ways to save money

I do not make a lot of money. And I don’t really care. I suppose that there are times that I think it would be nice to have a regular paycheck coming in, but for the most part I don’t really think about it.

I make more than enough to pay my bills and save a few dollars.

I have set my life up so that I do need to make much money to be happy and content.

Now that’s great for me but what about YOU?

What can you do to try and save a few dollars?

What is your relationship with money?

How were you brought up? Were your parents savers or spenders? Were there arguments about money in your house when you were a kid?

How about when you got married? Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to money issues?

All of these things and much more is going to influence how you feel about money now in your life.

A lot of people get stressed just talking about it. So maybe you need to dig deeper into this aspect of your own money situation.

There are all kinds of blogs and books that you can check out to help you with some ways to save money and get your personal finances in order.

The government and your bank wants you to be broke

I see news stories
all the time about how much consumer debt the average person has and it absolutely shocks me.

“Yeah, well that’s just the way the world works!”

Not so fast. It wasn’t always like this. These crazy high debt levels are a relatively new thing.

One news story tells us to save our money and that debt levels are out of control.

The next story says that to grow the economy we have to go out and spend.

The government wants you to spend so that the economy grows. Your bank certainly wants you to get loans for stuff as that is how they make their money.

And then you wonder why you have no money. The system may be a bit rigged.

Screw them.

How To Save Money

You need to know how much you make and how much you spend. Keep track in a binder or with an app on your phone. Do this for a month. It will shock you. I mean just look at how much people spend on coffee!

Cut your spending on “extras” in half. You do not need to spend every week on just shopping for stuff. You just don’t.

Take what you are not spending on useless crap and pay off some debt and bills. Not fun but it has to be done.

Stopping eating out. Would it kill you to eat at home? To actually make a meal?

Do free stuff. Go for a walk, a hike, go to the library or an art gallery, visit with a friend.

Cut the cable. There is no need for it anymore. There are free apps now where you can find any show or movie. Or there are amazing media players and streaming tv boxes to help cut the cable.

There are so many more easy ways to save money. What have you done in your life to cut costs?

Choose to live a more simple life. Damn near everyone who chooses to live simply says they are happier and less stressed. It just makes sense.

I am not convinced that people need to make more money. They just end up spending it on useless stuff. I feel that people need to smarten the hell up with their spending. To take responsibility for the life they have chosen and to make some changes.

I want comments. Please comment on this post and please share it via social media.

Thank you.

“Live Simply”


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