I live in Canada. The Great White North. It is January.

While I am used to winter weather I am typically not a fan. But I am concentrating on ways to ways to enjoy, and embrace winter.

ways to enjoy winter
my hometown

Ideas to Try and Enjoy Winter

1. Get outside. I know it is cold and it is easy to hibernate. Bundle up and get out there.

2. Make a snowman. Trust me it is great exercise. I did it last week. Good grief.

build a snowman

3. Go sledding. Another great form of winter exercise!

4. Build a snow fort or some tunnels!

5. Try to appreciate the beauty that winter brings. It could be going for a short walk around your neighborhood and enjoying the snowy landscape, or simply gazing out into your backyard and reminding yourself how beautiful your trees look with snow on them.

how to enjoy winter

6. Get your Vitamin D. The Sunshine Vitamin and a lot of us may be deficient in Vitamin D

I am prone to depression and since taking Vitamin D I have been able to wean myself off my prescription medication. No kidding! Talk to your health care professional to see if this may be possible for you.

7. Let in natural light. Open up the curtains to let the sunshine in. And if you get a mild day, open the windows to get some fresh air circulating!

8. Revisit skating, try snowshoeing, or cross country skiing.

9. Sit outside after dark and enjoy some winter stargazing. Grab some hot chocolate!

enjoy winter

10. Try winter camping! There are probably some adventure clubs in your area that you could ask for advice.

11. Be social. It is all too easy to become a hermit when it is cold, dark and dreary outside. Stay in touch with friends and family. Go to events and actually visit with other people. In person. No really, people still do this.

Be sure to avoid the winter blues by doing activities you love. Winter doesn’t have to keep you cooped up inside. Get out and enjoy the elements. All you need is some proper layers and you’ll barely feel the cold.

I am off for a walk!

What are your favorite fun winter activities? Share this article with your friends and pick a new activity to enjoy tonight.

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3 thoughts on “What Are Some Ways To Enjoy Winter?

  1. Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed this post! A native Michigander who relocated to the south, I often miss the snow…snowmen, sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, and the sheer beauty of nature. Thanks for bringing it all back for a few moments.

    1. Hi Laura Beth. Yes I have forgotten as well, I do try to get out for walks but that is out of a sense of a…commitment to being active. Nice to have fun with some of the other stuff as well. Thanks so much for commenting.

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