How Does Travel Change You?



travel changes you
Let’s go

My parents think I am crazy for wanting to just leave everything and travel the world. It is just not something they can comprehend. As I wrote about in my first post, I just have this incredible wanderlust. They don’t understand. They think I am irresponsible. I cannot explain it. It is just something I need to do.

There are few things in life that will impact you as much as traveling will. Something happens to us when we board a plane in one country and land in another—it’s almost as if our eyes open again for the first time.

solo travel Thailand
Thailand anyone?

1. You learn a lot about life. Real growth happens when you get the hell out of your comfort zone. There are so many things to learn, to see and to do.

  2. You are never alone. You can make friends anywhere. Be the first to smile. Make an effort to join in their celebrations or simply ask them questions about their lives. This is all it takes

  3. You meet unforgettable people. When I solo backpacked through Europe for a summer I met people that I am still in touch with today. The memories that were made still make me laugh and smile.

  4. You learn to enjoy transient relationships You kind of realize that these friendships that you make may be short lived and that is okay. It forces you to make the most of each damn moment. Soak it all in.

5. You have to try new things. Whether you are staring at a menu realizing you have no idea what the items are, or jumping on a bus that you hope will get you somewhere familiar, travel is exciting. You have to do new things. It is all about getting yourself into situations and turning them into amazing experiences.

travel the world

As someone who lives a minimalist lifestyle I have come to realize that life should be more about experiences and not stuff. Jesus we spend so much money on junk that clutters up our places. My backpacking adventure in Europe saw me with one tiny pack and just a few items. It was a great way to travel. I realized that I just did not need as much stuff at all. I want to experiences people and culture and nature. I want to try new things and just have some adventures. Am I a dreamer? Yes and so what if I am?

Does anyone out there feel the same way?? Please comment and let me know.

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“Quit your job and travel”

“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “Does Travel Make You A Better Person? I Think It Does

  1. I really love this. It’s really inspirational and I think this is how I want to live my life one day. I love the feeling I get while traveling. I love being awestruck, seeing new things, experiencing new places, trying new food, speaking to people in a language that is not my own — the whole nine yards.

  2. I love this post it’s so true travel changed my belief in what I actually need and want. It’s taught me to live with less and I don’t need a lot of space to live even with a 4 year old. Travel can be as simple as getring a push bike and riding and camping in the next town. It’s great I can pass travel and all its lessons on to my 4 year old. It’s freeing. The simple /minimal life is a the happiness life. 😊

    1. Sarah- You have said a lot of profound things in a brief comments. “The simple /minimal life is a happiness life”. A beautiful sentiment. Hopefully lots of people share this feeling. I know that I do. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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