A Wonderful Solo Travel Documentary


This beautifully shot and basic travel documentary is why I love solo travel.

It is only about 15 minutes long so I encourage you to treat yourself and watch it.

Made In Iceland:

Made In Iceland – Klara Harding

Iceland is beautiful, we all know it. But perhaps no one can see through the beauty of it like Klara Harding probably did. Her proof is the self made short travel documentary, shot over a 25 day solo-hike in Iceland. It captures the magical mists of Icelandic landscapes, the glaciers, and for me the very essence of solo travel. The journey as you can imagine must have been tough, but the final result of it was a wonderful documentary, all shot on foot by herself. Why it’s important for this film to be on this list is because Karen did this without the help of any friends or family, with a Canon 550D and did not miss a single beautiful moment that was worth putting on film. Realizing that a car traveling at 70 kmph will reach the same destination as her in 1 hour, for what will take her 3 days to reach is not really a morale booster. But then, maybe that is the point of solo travel.

Her message: “Pack your stuff, buy that ticket and live, explore, discover! It’s always worth it!”

I agree.

Travel has the power to change you.

MADE IN ICELAND from Klara Harden on Vimeo.

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“Sell your stuff. Travel. Die happy.”


17 thoughts on “This Documentary Captures Why I Love Solo Travel

  1. Fantastic video. Very inspiring. I find it amazing that people can solo travel for such long periods of time. I would love to try it

  2. I have been fortunate enough to do some solo travel around Europe. I highly recommend taking off on your own. You learn things about yourself.

  3. Great video!!

    Im planning on visiting Ireland sometime late March, I’m travelling alone on a budget and I don’t know how to drive. Would the not being able to drive hamper my visit? its one of my first trips as a solo female traveller and I’ve wanted to visit Ireland since I was a kid but from what I’ve read unless you’re on a tour getting to some of the more scenic places in Ireland is difficult? I have about 10 days to explore. Anyone have a suggested itinerary thats feasible for a cautious first time traveller? 🙂

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Great choice! Ireland is a great place to travel solo and DIY. If you have your flights booked, it would help to mention where you arrive/depart from and if you have specific areas on mind, it will be easier to advice on an itinerary. I have been many times in Ireland, always using public transport and occasionaly taking a day tour here and there. Do you plan to travel around St Patrick’s day or latter?

    Advice is somewhat destination specific, but in general there are day tours all year around on some scenic places of interest that are somehow hard to reach, even more so around St Patrick’s day. On March you may not find boat trips from Portmagee to Scellig Michael, but you will find plenty of bus tours from Galway to Cliffs of Moher or to Connemara or even Inishmore island while usually the ferry service from Doolin to Aran islands starts around St Patrick’s (weather permitted). And of course there are plenty of tours starting from Dublin, say to Wicklow or Newgrange and so on…Just a few examples out of many.

    If you had more time on your hands, it would be even possible to visit many of those places completely using public transport.

    Which is pretty good indeed! Trains connect most major cities while buses cover most cities and towns and places but of course are aimed mostly on local population’s needs, on on tourists, so covering some routes might be time consuming and complicated. No need to stick with organised tours for the whole trip. Use public transport to move around, make 2-3 places your main bases and take a couple of day trips either organized either on public transport from those bases.

  5. I am a solo male 33 wanting to backpack SE Asia I have 4 moths and a budget of 1,600- 2,000$ a month. Also wondering with my budget what kind of a trip i can afford

    I am looking for a trip that you might not find in a lonely planet book. some things of interest are surfing,yoga,meditation,music festivals. Id like to party sometimes but also relax and go off the beaten path. I could use some help with planning a route. thanks for any advice.

    1. I am going to Cambodia in January of 2017!! Everything I read says that at 50$ per day US you would pretty much be able to live like a king. Maybe I am wrong about that. If anyone knows more please comment. Thanks.

  6. Hi– I am planing on going to Medellin, Colombia the first week of April. I am a bit scared to go alone, but that isn’t stopping me. I am still going. However, it would be pretty great to go with someone else or maybe have some tips on what to do and not do there?

  7. Hello, I’m a 26 year old from South Korea and currently working in Africa.
    I’d like to spend three weeks of my vacations in Egypt in April.
    I had traveled alone before so I could do that again. but since Egypt is quite unstable nowadays I think having some companions will be much better. I hope to find my travel mates here.

  8. Hi! I will be traveling to Mumbai, arriving on Feb 8 and am looking for a travel buddy who would like to explore Mumbai for a few days before taking the early morning train to Goa. I will be there for a 1 month yoga teacher training. Then will travel to kerala around March 16th. Let me know if you would like to meet up in any part of this journey. 🙂

  9. I’m from Australia and looking to go backpacking solo in Europe around January/ February 2016

    I’m wondering how much I should budget per day for accommodation, food and transport

    I plan on going for around a month and a half

    I hope to go to London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Munich, Berlin and the Netherlands

    I plan on traveling by trains in between cities and staying in hostels

    I was hoping people could tell me their experiences

    Did you make friends easily?

    Is going in winter still fun?

    how much money will i need?

    thank you

    1. First of all solo backpacking Europe will be incredible. I was in a few of your locations in 2009 but in the summer.

      I traveled by discount airline and it was fantastic. BUT I only had 1 very small backpack so I had NO CHECKED LUGGAGE!. This made my trip so much better. So the best advice I can give anyone who is wanting to backpack Europe (or anywhere for that matter) is to take as little stuff as possible.

      Making friends is very easy. I am an introvert by nature and I still made friends with ease.

      You will need MORE MONEY than you think. Sorry to tell you that but it is true. Europe can be pricey depending on what you want to do.

      Hope this helps.


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