Tiny House Living Preparations

Tumbleweed Tiny House
Tumbleweed Tiny House

So you have come to love tiny houses. Their charm, their cuteness, the savings in money and more.

You think you may actually want to live in one of these magicallittle places. Your life will be filled with rainbows, and butterflies and chirping birds and squirrels that eat right out of your hand! You are sure of it! You have even managed to convince your significant other that this is the way to go!

“Our lives will be BETTER!”, you say.

Understand that this will be a major transition? Going from a larger dwelling to a tiny house that is anywhere from 100 sq ft to 400 sq ft is going to be a major shift in a few areas of your life.

Now the question has to be asked: Are you just daydreaming about living in a tiny house? Or is it a real possibility?

There is a lot of work to be done if you are going to get ready for tiny house living.

Purge your belongings. Get rid of one unnecessary possession a day. Here’s a trick – go through your closet and sort your clothes by the items you wear: daily, weekly, monthly and the clothes you haven’t worn in years. DO NOT replace items with new clothing until they are stained, torn or they no longer fit. By the end of the year, your wardrobe will only include items you use and love.

live a simple life
Purge your stuff

Reduce your debt. People have too much debt. Many Tiny House owners value financial freedom. Sell your unwanted belongings that are worth something (such as furniture, jewelry, collectibles and electronics). Use the money you earn into a savings account or pay off your loans/credit cards. A lot of people really like the Dave Ramsey approach to getting your personal finances in order.

It is important to note that the tiny house lifestyle is not just about a small home. It is a mindset and a way of life. It is a path to freedom that focuses on life outside of work and strengthening relationships and life experience rather than possessions.

Figure out where you are going to park your tiny home. Where are you going to put your tiny house? Do you have land? How about renting a long term spot at an RV park? You do need to figure this out.

off grid shipping container house
Where to park your tiny house??

Who is going to build it? Are you going to build your tiny house yourself? If yes, you should learn some building skills; maybe a tiny house building workshop. Or are you going to hire a tiny house building outfit to build it for you? There are lots of them out there to choose from.

Experience the Tiny House lifestyle. If you’re concerned that “Going Tiny” may not be for you, it might be beneficial to actually stay the night in a Tiny House. By physically experiencing the lifestyle, you’ll prepare yourself mentally for ownership and you might even get a few great space saving ideas.

If you are serious about having your own tiny house the above steps are a starting point to making it a reality. You want to do it for various reasons. The question is, how badly do you want it to happen?

What else could you do to get ready to build and live in your tiny house? Share your ideas in the comments.

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“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “Think You Want To Live In A Tiny House? Get Ready To Do It

  1. Love love love tiny houses the problem I have is where do I park it. I can build it I can see it in my mind I have made a model but I have not got any where to park it. A delima I’m faced with at this time. 🎪

    1. I think a lot of people are face with this problem. I have no land but I do have a friend with lots of land so if I were to build a tiny house on wheels I would ask to park it on their property. Also I wonder about renting a seasonal lot at an RV park. Options to consider perhaps? Thanks for the comment.

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